365 Things to Do in Memphis #119: See REMED's Memphis Mural

365 Things to Do in Memphis #119: See REMED's Memphis Mural

If you've driven down Sam Cooper or Broad Ave. in the past year, you've probably seen the giant, primary colored mural by French street artist Guillaume Alby (aka REMED). If you haven't, you're missing out on one of the most incredible pieces of public art in Memphis.

Remed mural, Memphis, Tenn.

The bright, abstract mural was completed in May of 2011. You can't normally get super close to the mural (though, you can during Broad Ave. Arts Walk), but you can see the whole thing at street level on Broad Ave.

Check out this video of Alby working on the piece:


Go there:

REMED mural

Broad Ave. between Hollywood and Tillman

Memphis, Tenn.

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Right by 3 Angels, yum; after many visits, I actually just noticed this a few weeks ago. 
July 8, 2012 7:42pm
hey! why can't you normally get super close? (engagement pic location hunting...) :)
March 10, 2013 8:28pm
Kerry (admin)

Usually, the gate that allows you down by the loading dock is locked.

March 11, 2013 8:58am