365 Things to Do in Memphis #79: Have a Sazerac at the Cove

365 Things to Do in Memphis #79: Have a Sazerac at the Cove

If you could pack a vacation to New Orleans into a cocktail glass, you'd have the Cove's Sazerac.

Sazerac, the Cove, Memphis, Tenn.

The Cove makes their handmade Sazeracs by rinsing the inside of a glass with Absinthe, then pouring in some rye whiskey, bitters and sugar. It's garnished with a little curl of orange peel.

If you're not into tasting the drink in your drink, this Sazerac isn't for you. It's as bittersweet as a box full of letters and the Absinthe gives it a light licoricey aftertaste.

Not to worry, though, The Cove has plenty of other drinks to satisfy your tastes and enough atmosphere to keep things interesting for hours after hours—the bar is inspired by a pirate ship.

Go there:

The Cove

2559 Broad Ave
Memphis, TN 38112

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One of my favorite drinks in the whole wide world. Nice Wilco reference!
March 19, 2012 9:26pm

My heart skipped a beat seeing the word 'sazerac', I've been hoping to find a good one since leaving NOLA. Can't wait to try.
March 19, 2012 10:17pm

Josh Conley
Just for the record,  there is a fine sazerac at Grawmeyer's in South Main as well.  
January 6, 2014 8:41pm