Meet Memphian no. 334 (of 365): Paul and Angela Knipple

Meet Memphian no. 334 (of 365): Paul and Angela Knipple

365 Memphians - Paul and Angela Knipple

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Meet Memphians no. 334, Paul and Angela Knipple. They're the authors of a cookbook called "The World in a Skillet" that comes out in March. They're foodies who are so into local food that they raise chickens in their midtown backyard. Here, they answer my questions about eating out, having friends in town and where they'd like to be in five years:

Names: Paul and Angela Knipple

Occupation: Writers

Hometown: Memphis (for both of us)

Neighborhood: Midtown

When we don’t cook, our standby restaurants are: Restaurant Iris, Soul Fish and Huey's.

Our favorite annual Memphis event is: the Cooper Young Festival.

In five years, we’d like to: be doing exactly what we are now -- writing and meeting incredible people.

We’re working on: our second book, Farm Fresh Tennessee, a travel guide to Tennessee agritourism.

Our favorite recipe in our new cookbook is: That's like picking your favorite child. Our son Patric's favorite is Sarma, Bosnian cabbage rolls.

The best part of raising our own chickens is: fresh eggs, of course, but getting to know each one's personality is the real joy.

When friends come in from out of town, we take them to: Restaurant Iris, Las Tortugas, or Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen

The coolest thing we’ve seen in Memphis in the last year is: the advent of food trucks around town.

We love Memphis because: we have great food, friendly people, and some of the best stories in the South.

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Karen The Dead…
December 2, 2011 1:55am
Janice Durdin
      Paul  and Angela,  This is your cousin, Janice.  Jeanette was telling me about your 3rd book. I said what is the 2nd one.  I missed it. Would love to have Farm Fresh Tennessee.  Wish ya'll the best in your endeavor.   I have a place in Mississippi that I want you two to visit.  It is called the Tomato Place in Vicksburg.   Good luck!!! Janice Burford Durdin
October 13, 2012 6:23pm