Memphis Gets Five Guys, Cheffie’s, a New Broadway Season and Sloppy Kisses

Posted by Holly Whitfield | March 9th 2011 2225 0

365 Memphians - Katie Pemberton

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Katie is a volunteer dog walker at the Humane Society. (she’s the one who showed me around when I visited earlier this week). This is her, getting sloppy kisses from Paco.

In other news:

– Memphis is getting its very own Five Guys Burgers and Fries. The franchise restaurant will open in May, right across Ridgeway from Memphis University School. If that’s too much of a drive, there are plans to open more across the city in the future.

– The Orpheum Theatre announced their 2011 Broadway season on Monday, and it’s pretty impressive: Memphis the Musical, Les Miserables, White Christmas, Million Dollar Quartet, La Cage Aux Folles, the Addams Family and Mama Mia. (Note the inclusion of the two Memphis-themed shows.)

Cheffie’s Cafe is re-opening in High Point Terrace at the end of March. The restaurant, which closed a few years ago, offers fresh food, good coffee and craft beers.

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  1. Bas-O-Matic says:

    Five Guys is better than Huey’s. At least I was last time I had it 3 years ago. We’ll see if they’ve been able to scale up the quality with the rapid expansion they’ve gone through. The burger is really good (griddle fried not grilled or broiled), but the real star is the fries. The claim is that Five Guys stores have no freezers.

    It’s very greasy though. Not something you’d want to eat very often.

  2. Brian W says:

    Five Guys FTW! Best burgers ever.

  3. B. Swilley says:

    La Cage Aux Folles*

  4. Grant Parish says:

    I ate at the 5 Guys in Jackson a few weeks ago and it was very disappointing. Soggy bread, flavorless meat, and the cajun fries were inedible. No competition for Hueys.

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