Meet Memphian #11: Justin Sledge

Posted by Holly Whitfield | January 11th 2011 6988 0
Justin Sledge - 365 Memphians

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Meet Memphian number 11, graduate student, activist and generally dapper gent Justin Sledge:

Name: Justin Sledge

Hometown: Jackson, Mississippi

Occupation: Philosophy graduate student at the U of M

Neighborhood: Evergreen, just north of the Sputnik

My first impression of Memphis was: After growing up in the south and living in Europe during my first leg of graduate work, it felt a whole lot like home; a sort of cozy but lived in kinda place.  Memphis, like Jackson (Miss), wears its history on its sleeve and that rough-around-the-edges beauty really struck a cord with me.

When friends from out of town visit, I always take them to: Otherlands for coffee, Bosco’s (best beer in the city), the Hi-Tone if there is a good show, the Metal Museum (especially if the weather is nice) and the Lamplighter.

The best meal in Memphis is: Probably the one I can’t eat.  Because I don’t eat pork, I’m pretty handicapped here.  Cafe 1912 has great duck breast in wine reduction.  Super cozy atmosphere too.

I’m working on: I have to stay busy else I stay in trouble.  I am working on a lot: my graduate work keeps me pretty busy, I am brewing an agave ale, reading a ton, and working on a calligraphy project. I’m also looking into taking a blacksmithing class at the metal museum this spring.

The coolest thing I’ve done since I’ve been in Memphis is: getting involved with activist work both on the U of M campus and in the city generally.  Memphis has an amazing history of struggle against racism and the exploitation of working people and to be a small part of carrying that history forward has been humbling and inspiring.

I hope that: That wasn’t the last time I see her.

It’s Monday night. I’m probably: At the Lamplighter, trying not to make a scene.

The best show I went to in the last year was: Harlan T Bobo with Opus One at the Hi Tone or maybe Dark Castle at the Buccaneer.

I love Memphis because: You get out what you put into Memphis, and this city has so much to give.
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  1. Courtney says:

    Is he single? 😉

  2. Nick says:

    Justin also has the power to summon the fourth international and team up with a giant radioactive chicken with severe PTSD.

  3. Amica says:

    Don’t be fooled – keeping busy don’t keep him out of trouble.

  4. Nico says:

    Hi Justin!

    I’ll be visiting Memphis first week in February: will you take me to all of those places? (I can’t tell you how much I miss it.)

    A big hug from Toulouse.

    A bientôt,


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