10 Reasons to Get to a Grizzlies Game This Season

Posted by Holly Whitfield | October 28th 2010 2928 0

In honor of the Grizzlies’ tenth season in Memphis, here are ten great reasons to head to the FedExForum for a home game:

At the Grizzlies Season Opener

1. Everything is big in the NBA

The players are big (both in name and stature). The Griz Girls’ hair is big. The spectacle is huge – there’s constant action on the court. Last night, there were dancers, 7 year-old rappers, the Memphis Symphony, and a race between three men dressed as barbecue ribs. And there are pyrotechnics. Big ones.

2. The super fans

A few weeks ago, there was a competition for seating in the Super Fan section, a group of club-level seats reserved for the most rabidly excited members of the Griz nation. These are the guys with their faces painted blue, the ones who wear costumes, know stats and exhibit a raw and unconditional love for their team. Though their numbers are small, they’re a very vocal minority – they start chanting at tip-off and don’t stop until the final buzzer.

3. The tickets are some of the cheapest in the NBA

Season tickets in the plaza level (the Forum’s lower level) start at $25 per game. For seats on the terrace level, season tickets start at $5 per game. Tickets to individual games are some of the best deals in the NBA – decent seats go for about $30-40. The Grizzlies also have a forum where fans can purchase single game tickets from season ticket holders who can’t make it to the game.

4. The Grizzlies Grannies and Grandpas

While the Grizzlies have a ton of great entertainment between quarters and during timeouts, the Grizzlies Grannies and Grandpas stand out. They’re a group of senior citizens who do awesome, booty-shaking choreographed dances to hip-hop songs. It’s my hope that by the end of the season, they’ll teach us how to Dougie.

5. The Starters

Though two of the best players were out with injuries during the season opener, the Grizzlies’ starting line-up is one to watch. This year, keep an eye out for veterans (and fan favorites) Rudy Gay, OJ Mayo, Mike Conley, Marc Gasol and Zach “Z-Bo” Randolph.

6. The Bench

The Grizzlies’ bench is young, but that’s no reason to write them off. Keep an eye out for Xavier Henry (who inspired a crazy loud welcome at the season opener), Sam Young (who sunk a 3-pointer) and Tony Allen (who totally stepped up during the pre-season).

7. The food

The food options in the concourse at the FedEx Forum are sort of dizzying. They’ve got burgers, fries, ice cream, chicken, and (because this is an arena in Memphis) barbecue nachos.

8. The return of Super Griz

When the Grizzlies played at the Pyramid, the beginning of the fourth quarter meant the appearance of Super Griz, a souped-up version of the usual mascot. He would come out and, in the words of one of the journalists siting next to me last night, “do crazy stuff”. The 10th season marks the return of Super Griz, who wears a cape and mask (in what I have to believe is a nod to Mr. Raiford or James Brown). Last night, he ran through the stands, climbed ladders, waved giant flags and shot a t-shirt cannon.

9. Grizzlies games are so Memphis

Going to a Grizzlies game is a decidedly Memphis experience. Most of the entertainment is local – Al Kapone, the Memphis Symphony, the Barkays, Booker T. Jones and Lil P-Nut all performed last night, and community groups are frequently asked to be a part of the action. There’s barbecue, there are a lot of blue shirts, and there’s the sense that being there, at that game, is the act of building something great for the city.

10. The Griz need you.

They may not be the biggest team in the NBA. They may not be the best. But they are your team. I have to believe that if they’ve got a ton of fan support, the team will be more motivated to reward those fans with an incredible season.

Author: Holly Whitfield

I write about what’s going on with Memphis music, food, arts, events, sports, people, and culture. Memphians love Elvis and barbeque with a passion that must be seen to be believed, but there is so much more to this place.

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  1. Brad says:

    Great list, Kerry! I <3 having a professional sports team in our city. I would love to see support grow (even though times are tough right now for our young Grizz). I miss the years of us going to the playoffs, and the way the energy was in the building then.

  2. Jen says:

    I look forward to checking out a game this year with my husband and infant daughter. We just moved to town and we’re excited to have a hometown NBA team.

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