The Perfect Soundtrack for Your Next Dance Party

The Perfect Soundtrack for Your Next Dance Party

Magic Kids - Memphis

It's impossible to be in a bad mood while listening to the Magic Kids' first LP, "Memphis". I've tried, too. Even at my crankiest, something about the Magic Kids makes me soften like butter in a microwave.

"Memphis" is 37 minutes of ridiculously catchy 1960s-inspired boy-meets-girl pop songs. While the instrumentation and vocals are clearly inspired by Brian Wilson and Phil Spector, there's nothing dated about the record.

Though the record is called "Memphis", it's different than anything else coming out of the city. The songs are feathery confections about skating rinks, drive in movies and waning summer romances. Pay special attention to the first single, "Hey Boy" and the dreamy, ethereal ballad "Summer".

It's the perfect soundtrack for 85-degree days, driving with the windows down, your next big crush, or a bad mood you wish would go away.

Seriously. I dare you not to dance around a little bit.

You can pick up a copy on emusic, via iTunes, or at Goner Records or Shangri-La Records.

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kathy peery
are you kerry crawford -daughter of kim crawford - who used to live in walnut grove woods?? if yes - look again at the bass player for magic kids. brother of brian from your old neighborhood. if not -thanks again for the good review
September 12, 2010 11:39am

Kerry (admin)
I am indeed Kerry Crawford, daughter of Kim. And I thought that was Michael in the band. :)
September 13, 2010 10:31am

kathy peery
well what do you know - love love love your website - we need more positive !! good job - you !
September 13, 2010 1:40pm