Semi-Hidden Deliciousness in High Point Terrace

Posted by Holly Whitfield | May 7th 2010 5362 0

I want you all to know that I finished my meal at High Point Pizza well over an hour ago, but my hands still smell like butter. The crusts are buttered, which means at a), they’re extra delicious, and b) they’ll make you want to chew on your fingers long after the meal is over.

Two slices from High Point Pizza, Memphis, Tenn.

Two slices from High Point Pizza, Memphis, Tenn.

Though you can order whole pizzas at High Point Pizza, I opted for two slices – one cheese, one sausage. The New York-style slices were huge and had thin, crispy crusts. They had clearly just come out of the oven when they arrived at my table, so I had to grab a knife and fork to make eating them more manageable (at least until they cooled down a bit).

High Point Pizza, Memphis, Tenn.

High Point Pizza, Memphis, Tenn.

A good pizza can be hard to find, though. High Point Pizza is  located in a small shopping center deep within an East Memphis neighborhood. It’s family-owned and family-friendly – there’s a Ms. Pacman table console and there’s bound to be something on the menu of pizza, sandwiches and salads to please everybody.

High Point Pizza is open for dine-in and carry out orders Tuesday – Sunday, 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.


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High Point Pizza

477 High Point Terrace
Memphis, TN 38122-4612
(901) 452-3339

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  1. Crystel says:

    I’m a HPT resident, and I wanted to share that HP pizza goes really well with a beer from the legendary High Point Pub. It’s cash only, but it’s quaint, cheap and everyone is super friendly. Be sure to come back and check it out. It’s definitely blog-worthy! 🙂

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  3. James says:

    I consider High Point Pizza to be, by far, the best pizza in Memphis. I am glad to see it getting some well deserved publicity. Whenever someone asks me about good pizza, I send them to High Point Pizza- the best pizza in the best neighborhood in the city of Memphis.

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