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Posted by Holly Whitfield | May 24th 2010 2892 0

Usually, I love going out for lunch. On rainy days like today, though, it’s nice to have lunch come to me.

Midtowners and downtowners have the option of calling Camy’s, a 16 year-old food delivery service based in Midtown.

I called in an order for a ten inch Memphis Barbecue pizza, and almost exactly 30 minutes later, a nice bearded guy holding a pizza rang my doorbell.

Barbecue pizza from Camy's, Memphis, Tenn.

Barbecue pizza from Camy’s, Memphis, Tenn.

Barbecue pizza can be a little tricky. Some places pile on so much meat that the pizza becomes sort of an open face pork sandwich. Other shops barely put any pork on the pie at all. Camy’s gets it right. There are big chunks of barbecue with tangy sauce scattered around a regular cheese pizza. It’s really delicious on hand-tossed crust.

Camy’s has a full delivery menu of pizzas, sandwiches, grilled chicken and steak, hot wings, pasta and dessert. They deliver seven days a week, and according to their website, they’re going to start offering online ordering in the near future.

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2886 Walnut Grove Rd.
Memphis, TN 38111
(901) 725-1667

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  1. deb says:

    I love camy’s. Yeah Camy!!

  2. when i get lazy cooking, i just order from food delivery services.;.’

  3. I just received my Camy's order and it was wrong.  I ordered a medium rare hamburger and they brought a well done hamburger.  I didn't notice until I bit into the burger, they said they would make it over but I couldn't return an eaten burger.  What a dump they did on me! And it wasn't the first time.  Hate to see management mar a sometimes average restaurant.-
    Paul Edelstein
    Memphis, TN.

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