Found: The Hickory Hill Buddha

Posted by Holly Whitfield | April 7th 2010 6325 0

Giant Buddha, Hickory Hill, Memphis, Tenn.

Giant Buddha, Hickory Hill, Memphis, Tenn.

Today marks the first time since I started the Memphis scavenger hunt that I’ve had to turn to you, my awesome readers, for directions. I couldn’t remember what street the Hickory Hill Buddha was on.

As it turns out, it’s on Mendenhall, about a mile and a half south of I-240. It’s impossible to miss – it rises, gigantic, from a front yard on the corner. He’s huge, and smiling, and at least 10 feet tall. He’s facing towards a two-story house, surrounded by spotlights.

It’s been attracting a lot of drive-by gawking since it was put on the lawn a few years ago.

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  1. Mary Kate Allen says:

    It fits right into the Memphis melting pot. You should also post a pic of the Statue of Liberty a church has. I think it is off Ridgeway near Mt. Moriah. I can’t remember specifically. Just ask around, and someone could tell you.

  2. Cole Conrad says:

    I found that last night when going to Las Delicias per your earlier recommendation. I was stoked to find a place with good mexican and took my fiance there, unfortunately I was going off of Urbanspoon’s address which was the original (on Mendenhall) and didn’t have nearly as an extensive menu but the Guac was quite good just like you sai it would be. On the way back from the restaurant I saw that and (probably) swerved a little but she completely missed it, kind of random how things happen. Enjoying the blog/tweetah, you should check out Cafe Piazza in Old Collierville, AMAZING little place where the owner told me to come back and get a pizza on him soon as he’s trying out new BBQ pizza recipes and I had ordered BBQ pizza. You don’t find places like that very often and it’s probably going to be my new lunch stop for quite some time, so good!

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