On the Garden Path with Kristi Duckworth

On the Garden Path with Kristi Duckworth

A few months ago, I took a family I Love Memphis picture at Cancer Survivors Park in front of the huge mosaic.

Taylor, London, Courtney, Emily and Madison love Memphis

The mosaic is called "Tree of Life" and it incorporates tiles made by cancer survivors and their families.  It was made by local artist Kristi Duckworth.

Duckworth creates her mosaics at her studio, a big, sunny midtown building called Garden Path. Her work is largely inspired by nature. When I stopped by last week, she and a friend were working on a privately commissioned mosaic for a concrete entryway. They were pulling tiles from small tubs and fitting them onto a grid with a color drawing of the final design (a big blue octopus) underneath it.

Working at Garden Path Studio, Memphis, Tenn.

To create her mosaics, Duckworth first draws them onto cardboard. The tiles are then carefully laid onto the cardboard. To move them from Garden Path to their final location, they're picked up with heavy duty contact paper.

Duckworth has been creating for more than 20 years and frequently teaches classes for the Hutchison Academy of Excellence, home school students, and school art classes. For the mosaics she's done at schools (including White Station), she's had students create their own tiles to be used in the final product.

Kristi Duckworth loves Memphis

For more information on Garden Path Studio and, visit Duckworth's web site.

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Judith Johnstone
Dear Kristi, Last night I was walking thru the long hall @Botanic Gardens and I stopped to admire  an awesome sunset painting...upon inspection of the name was thrilled to see it was yours! Will you pleas call me? I would love to speak with you about acquisition of the work... Thanks 484-8564 Judith Johnstone
June 7, 2012 11:03am