Accessorize Yourself at Jun Lee Trading Company

Accessorize Yourself at Jun Lee Trading Company

Like many of the best things in Memphis, the Jun Lee Trading Company doesn't look like much from the outside. The windows are covered with panels, the building is painted in dingy whites and browns and the main entrance (and parking) are in the back of the building. But inside Jun Lee, it's a totally different story.

Jun Lee Trading Company, Memphis, Tenn.

The store is full of all kinds of colorful accessories - bags, jewelry, wallets, scarves, luggage, and gloves are all in stock. The stock runs the gamut of tastes. Sparkly rhinestone and bead necklaces share cases with bright, solid colored 1960s style bracelets. Utilitarian laptop cases canoodle with multicolored quilted bags covered in lace and trim.

Do not open the gloves at Jun Lee in Memphis, Tenn.

Aside from the selection, the best thing about Jun Lee are the prices. Though all of the items are priced individually, the prices seem to be borderline wholesale. Most of the jewelry (including sterling silver pieces) was less than $20. Most of the neckties were priced at $4.95.

Neckties, less than $5 at Jun Lee Trading Company

You may have to dig a little bit, but there are definitely treasures to be found at Jun Lee.  I picked up a wide, green headband and  a cute mod-style plastic bracelet for $1.95 each.  It seems like a great place to pick up gifts or some inexpensive style, no matter who you are.

Go There:

Jun Lee Trading Company

3425 Summer Ave
Memphis, TN 38122

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