A Little Lowebow in the Afternoon

A Little Lowebow in the Afternoon

One of my favorite things about Memphis is the sense of practicality and do-it-yourselfness that people have. If the thing you want doesn't exist, you make it.

One such item is the Lowebow guitar. These custom mutant guitars are only made by one guy in a small music and book store in Midtown Memphis.

This is what a Lowebow looks like:

Double-necked Lowebow Guitar

And this is what they sound like:

That's John Lowe playing his Lowebow and some drums one-man-band style. The lowebow was specifically designed for one-man bands.

John has been making custom Lowebows for the last decade. They're sort of like guitars, but they're made out of cigar boxes, pipes, strings and pickups (and if you'd like to add an extra side of rawk, some of them have double necks or flying-v bodies).

They're sold out of John's cozy, cramped shop, Xanadu Music and Books on Central Ave. In addition to Lowebows, the store carries classic novels (it's a great place to stock up on summer reading books), guitars, records, guitar strings and amps (including some gorgeous vintage Orange amps).

Xanadu Music and Books, Memphis, Tenn.

Go There:

2200 Central Ave
Memphis, TN 38104-5504
(901) 274-9885

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