Found: The Lisa Marie

Posted by Holly Whitfield | September 15th 2009 3403 0

Ladies and gents, here’s another found Scavenger Hunt item – a photo of Elvis’ plane, the Lisa Marie. Check out the TCB in a Flash icon on the tail – proof that even in the air, Elvis gets things done.

The Lisa Marie is passenger plane that Elvis converted into a private jet, and as far as planes go, it’s pretty plush.  It has bathrooms, a lounge, fold out beds, a dining room and plenty of televisions. There’s a full bed on board that has a seat belt across it in order to make it comply with FAA regulations.

You’ll notice that that’s one shiny bed. Before you get the idea that Elvis and your grandma have similar furniture covering tastes, know that the plastic is there to preserve the upholstery through millions of tours.

Of course, there are also plenty of  mirrors on the plane – if you’ve ever been inside the mansion, you know that Elvis loved decorating with them. His decorating style is tamed down a bit on the Lisa Marie, but you can definitely tell whose plane it was (see the blue suede private bathroom at the back of the plane).

The tour of the planes is entirely self guided, but there are TVs on board that show informative videos about the aircraft. There’s also a docent on board that can answer any questions you may have.

The Lisa Marie tour is separate from the regular Graceland tour, so if you’re getting tickets to the mansion, make sure you get tickets to the planes, too. If you just want to visit the planes, you can.

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