Let Us Celebrate the Triumphant Return of the Grizzlies With A Feast

Posted by Holly Whitfield | November 22nd 2013 2105 0

The Grizzlies return home tonight after a four game winning streak on the West Coast. If you're heading to FedExForum for the game, I suggest you celebrate with a feast. Here's a rundown of what's new at the Grindhouse, grub-wise. Just to be clear, if you see a sandwich/burger quarter in these photos, it's because these were taken at a tasting I attended a few weeks ago. You'll get a whole burger when you order at FedExForum.

1. Blues City Chips These housemade chips with bleu cheese sauce are a good snack, available at Soul Kitchen at Crossroads (Section 104 on the Plaza Level) for $5.

2. Thai Chili Burger There is some serious Asian flavor in this pork and beef burger with slaw, which has a sweet taste due to the chili sauce and Hawaiian bun. It's available at the Up Tempo Grill (220s on the Club Level) for $8.75. 

3. Crispy Chicken Thigh Sandwich It's fried chicken with spicy pickles and buttermilk aioli – AKA fancy mayo – on a bun, and it was the best thing I tried that day. You can get it at the 4/4 Grill (200s on the Club Level) for $8.75.

4. John Vergos offers up some Rendezvous BBQ brisket plate, which was my other favorite thing at the tasting. It's available at various locations at FedExForum.

1. A close up of the Crispy Chicken Thigh Sandwich (see #3 above).

2. I thought the Popcorn Vault's flavored popcorn was wayyy better than the metal bucket variety. You can grab a bag near Section 107.  

3. Jet's Pizza is a chain but it does have locally-owned locations in Bartlett, Cordova, Germantown, and now FedExForum. It's a thick crust, square-slices deal, available near in Section 109 in the Plaza Level and Section 207 in the Terrace Level.

4. Sleddogs, your favorite corndog people (they make the corndogs for Chiwawa) will offer regular and foot-long dogs along with other foods-on-a-stick and quesadillas, available in Section 232 of the Terrace Level. The question now is Sleddogs v. Pronto Pup. Discuss amongst yourselves.

The Grizzlies play the Spurs tonight at FedExForum with tipoff at 7 p.m. Happy Feasting and Go Grizz!

P.S. There's a photo of the full Rendezvous brisket plate on the new I Love Memphis Instagram

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