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I wish I got more mail (fun mail, not bills). There’s something about getting postcards and letters and invitations that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. And in a world where most people just email or send a Facebook message, finding a piece of fun mail is even more special.

This is why I love Mrs. Post.

Lindsey Cross at Mrs. Post, Memphis, Tenn.

Lindsey Cross at Mrs. Post, Memphis, Tenn.

Mrs. Post is a brand new stationery and gift store in East Memphis. And while you’re grandma will be excited to receive one of their cute letterpress cards from you, there’s nothing stuffy about the shop.

Before they opened Mrs. Post, owners Lindsey Cross and Natalie Ellis-Chang designed a line of wholesale paper products called Lemon Tree Paper. They’ve got about 400 pieces, and each one is printed locally. All of the Lemon Tree Paper invitations, cards, and notes are available at Mrs. Post.

Mrs. Post is a one-stop party

Mrs. Post is a one-stop party

My favorite thing about the shop was the small, but well thought out collection of gifts. There’s a lot of whimsy in a small space. I was totally smitten with the Jonathan Adler whale shaped salt and pepper shakers and the surprise balls (the package reads “to enjoy, please destroy”). They’ve also got candles, baby booties and party decorations you’ll want to leave up well after the fun is over.

Mrs. Post is located inside the Chickasaw Oaks shopping center, right across the hall from Just For Lunch.

Go There:

Mrs. Post

3092 Poplar Ave
Memphis, TN 38111

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