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There’s a difference between ladies who eat lunch and Ladies Who Lunch. I fall into the first camp: I’m a lady, and I usually need to eat something midday. Ladies Who Lunch are a fascinating subset of ladies who eat lunch. They usually travel in well-dressed packs, always give off an air of fabulousness and seem to have plenty of free time to, well, lunch.

Just for Lunch, Memphis, Tenn.

Just for Lunch, Memphis, Tenn.

This morning, I went to Just for Lunch, an East Memphis cafe with a distinct following of Ladies Who Lunch. I was seated on the porch, near a table of Red Hat Society dames. Just for Lunch is inside the small shopping center just east of the main library. The “porch” looks just like a porch or patio at a freestanding restaurant, save for the fact that it’s indoors.

Just for Lunch’s menu seems to cater to Ladies Who Lunch. In addition to the usual sandwiches, quiches and soups, you can order old-school dishes like aspic and shrimp salad. Just for Lunch is Project Green Fork certified, which means that the restaurant is environmentally sustainable.

Cucumber soup and chicken salad, Just for Lunch, Memphis, Tenn.

Cucumber soup and chicken salad, Just for Lunch, Memphis, Tenn.

I ordered the Icy Cucumber Soup and chicken salad. The cucumber soup was chilled (not, thankfully, actually icy). It may become one of my summer favorites – it was tangy and creamy, but completely refreshing.

The chicken salad pleased my purist sensibilities (when it comes to chicken salad, nuts and fruit aren’t really necessary). It could have done with a little more seasoning, but I appreciated its simplicity.

If you’re going to try it, I recommend going all out – grab some of your friends, get a little dressed up, and take your time eating. Sit on the fake porch, order iced tea and spend some time catching up, gossiping and people watching. Act like Ladies Who Lunch instead of ladies who need to eat lunch.

Go There:

Just for Lunch

3092 Poplar Avenue
Memphis, TN 38111
(901) 323-3287

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  1. Oliver Craig says:

    One can say that the food is delectable just by the looks of it. I would like to be one of the members of Ladies Who Lunch too, just that a lady I am not (pun intended). Maybe these ladies would enjoy their trip in Memphis all the more if they could have a visit to one of the golf courses in memphis or play golf in one of memphis golf courses which don’t just have a wide space to play the sport but also has a nice and pleasant scenery if one wishes to find the perfect relaxation.

  2. […] Mrs. Post is located inside the Chickasaw Oaks shopping center, right across the hall from Just For Lunch. […]

  3. Barbara says:

    Do you know of reasonably priced restaurant who have a back room capacity of 25-35 that is available on Saturdays at noon?

    • Holly Whitfield says:

      Barbara, you’d have to call restaurants individually to see who is available at noon on a Saturday, but I here are a couple I know off-hand who have private rooms:
      – Pyro’s in midtown
      – Pearl’s Oyster (call to double-check)
      – Old Venice Pizza
      – Cafe Eclectic Midtown
      – Sweet Grass Next Door has a little area in the back
      – Celtic Crossing I believe has a semi private area
      – Bosco’s has a side dining room that you could perhaps reserve part of
      – I hear Buckley’s in East Memphis does, not sure about price

      Hope this helps!

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