Wednesday News Update: A Martini, a Pajama Party, a Juice Truck and a Stray

Posted by Holly Whitfield | June 19th 2013 1009 0

Today in Memphis, celebrate a holiday (and pajamas), head to Beale to hear some super talented Stax Academy alumni and get excited about a new juice truck. Also, try to figure out why there seem to be more stray peacocks on our streets than normal.

Photo by @billsimmers via Instagram

Warning spotted at Shelby Farms by Instagrammer @billsimmers. If you'd like to see your Instagram photos here, please tag them #ilovememphis.

– Happy National Martini Day! Here are a few places in Memphis where you can celebrate appropriately.

– It's not a food truck, it's a juice truck (and it's taking to the streets later this month).

– This is cool: the first-ever Stax Music Academy Alumni Band has a standing gig at B.B. King's every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon in June.

– On Saturday, Memphis rapper Muck Sticky will celebrate his 4,000th consecutive day in pajamas (not the same pair) with a show / pajama party at the New Daisy. Some quick math shows that Muck hasn't worn pants with a zipper in more than 10 years.

– Yesterday, kids in Memphis jumped in the water to participate in the attempt to break the record for the "World's Largest Swimming Lesson".

– I don't think of AAA baseball as a fighting sport, but hey – you never know.

– Lastly, this is the second stray peacock I've heard about in the past few weeks. Is something going on? Is this a thing? Where are they coming from?

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