South of Beale Welcomes Fall With a Brand New Menu

Posted by Holly Whitfield | October 6th 2010 1775 0

Before I tell you about all of the tasty entrees on South of Beale’s new Fall menu, we need to get something out of the way.

That something is the Beer and Pretzel Cheesecake that’s on the dessert menu.

Beer pretzel cheesecake from South of Beale

My slice of the cake wasn’t huge, but it was serious. The slightly bitter, creamy cheesecake sits on a crust of mashed up salty pretzels. It’s topped with Guinness syrup. Like fried guacamole, Rotel and most things served at state fairs, this is one of those so-wrong-it’s-right foods. The key to the whole thing is the bitterness. It’s more cheese course than straight up dessert. Any sweeter, and it wouldn’t work.

The rest of the new menu is equally exciting. Some of the old favorites (like the S.O.B. burger and bar pie) are still available, but I recommend trying one of the seasonal dishes. I tried the pumpkin ravioli and the housemade chips and dip of the day.

Pumpkin ravioli from South of Beale

Pumpkin ravioli from South of Beale

The ravioli was a texture explosion. It’s warm, stringy pumpkin puree inside soft noodles, topped with crushed pecans in a light, buttery sauce. It’s on the “bites” menu, but it’s rich enough to be a full meal.

The house-made chips and dip are a S.O.B. staple. The chips are perfect – ultra thin and not overly crispy. They were the perfect vehicle for the yogurt dill dip that was on the menu yesterday. The dip changes daily, and I’ve never had one that hasn’t been delicious.

South of Beale’s Fall menu launched yesterday, so you’ve got plenty of time to try it before their next seasonal change.

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