3 Reasons to See Tyke T’s Show at the Orpheum Theatre

The Orpheum Theatre is the place to be on Sunday, September 17!

Tyke T Orpheum flyer

Tyke T, an indie artist based in Memphis, has been on a very rewarding musical journey for the past 10 years. And you are invited to celebrate his decade long success with a live show titled “Ten Years of Driven” to celebrate his debut album, “The Overlooked.”

Here’s why you should be there:

Tyke T
Cat Evans

1. An Independent Artist Opening Doors for New Artists

Driven By Music Entertainment is Tyke T’s record label and brand. Tyke T is an independent artist that started his journey with no connections or resources. He’s self-pitched and self-published his way to where he is now-- it's very impressive. Artists part of his label are given necessary resources to grow and understand the music business. The motive is all in the name/brand– DRIVEN.

Tyke T at Grizz Game/ FedExForum
@tyke__t on Instagram
Tyke T at Beale Street Music Fest
@tyke__t on Instagram

2. The Collection of Local and National Accolades

He was on stage at Memphis in May’s Beale Street Music Festival and performed at pregame and halftime shows at Memphis Grizzlies basketball games. You can hear him in the trailer of EA Sports Madden NFL mobile game or while you're watching some of your favorite TV series such as The Masked Singer, Black Ink Crew- Compton, All American, and more. It doesn’t stop there– he’s also a Billboard-charting artist, was on the first round Grammy ballot artist for several categories, and a top 10 finalist on VH1’s show, “Make a Band Famous.” I know for sure new heights will be reached as he continues to make music.

Tyke T Album cover

3. Reason Why We’re All Here: To Celebrate Talent

In 2013, Tyke T released his 8 track album, “The Overlooked.” I had to do a double take at the yearbook-themed album cover which I think makes so much sense for the messaging of this piece. I have a feeling the show at the Orpheum will be very emotional but in the best way possible. The show will also include performances by Izzy Moore, St. Courts, and Moe Javi. 

In the span of 10 years, Tyke T has built himself an empire that’s very commendable. His passion and power will definitely be felt that night which is why you need to hurry and grab your tickets to this almost sold out show– they’re only $25!

Tyke T at Overton Park Shell
Frank Chin

Go to the Show:

Tyke T and Friends Present: Ten Years of Driven
Sunday, September 17, 2023 at 7 p.m.
Orpheum Theatre Memphis
203 S Main St
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