SHE 901 Tour Highlights Women-Owned Businesses and History in Memphis

A new collaboration between A Tour of Possibilities (ATOP), ARCHd, and 492 Vance, LLC, aims to support, honor, and empower women in Memphis throughout the month of March in celebration of Women’s History Month.

The SHE 901 Tour is meant to be an immersive and inspiring bus tour to highlight women's history here in Memphis while supporting local women-owned businesses. The tour service will operate each Saturday in March.

SHE 901 Tour women pose for photo
Kristen Archer, ARCHd
women pose for selfie during SHE 901 Tour
Kristen Archer, ARCHd

Each tour group will visit five women-owned businesses in the downtown area plus three historic sites. More women-owned businesses will be referenced and featured in various parts of the tour.

“The SHE 901 Tour is more than just a series of bus stops; it is a movement dedicated to inspiring and igniting positive change in people from all walks of life,” a press release read. 

“Through a dynamic mix of interactive activities (via the arts, local food & drink scene, shopping and history) the tour aims to address various aspects of women's empowerment, including leadership, self-confidence, career advancement, and holistic well-being.”

Tour stops include Muggin’ Coffee House, Oh Sweets, Stock & Belle, Urevbu Contemporary, and more. Food and snacks will be provided by Feast and Graze and Butteriffic Bakery & Cafe.


eight portraits of women business owners in Memphis
SHE 901 Tour
SHE 901 Tour Women Business Owners
women pose for photo at muggin coffee
Kristen Archer, ARCHd
All SHE 901 Tours begin at Muggin Coffeehouse

The collaborative effort is made possible with the already fantastic tour group service, ATOP, which showcases contributions of African Americans in Memphis. If you haven’t experienced it yet, we highly recommend it. Here’s our blog about ATOP

“We are thrilled to launch SHE 901 Tour, a journey that goes beyond traditional sightseeing, offering a profound exploration of women's history and empowerment,” ATOP Founder  Carolyn Michael-Banks said. “This tour is not just a trip through time; it's a commitment to celebrating and uplifting women in all their diversity. We invite participants to join us on this empowering adventure and sponsors to be part of a movement that shapes a more equitable future.”

woman takes photo of trailblazers monument
Kristen Archer ARCHd
Equality Trailblazers monument is a hidden gem visit!
SHE 901 Tour stop at woman-owned gallery
Kristen Archer ARCHd
SHE 901 Tour stop at Urevbu Contemporary

We had the great opportunity to ride along during the inaugural tour and it was a fun yet informative experience interacting directly with these incredible women business owners. We learned so much from throughout the tour about many unsung female heroes in Memphis history.

Learn more about the SHE 901 Tour here. Tickets are $40 per person.

If a tour isn’t possible with your schedule, make time to support one of the many wonderful women-owned businesses in Memphis.

SHE 901 Tour Tickets

Don’t miss out on all the Memphis goodness!
woman buys gift during SHE 901 Tour
Kristen Archer ARCHd

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