Kitchen Table Silversmithing: Cuff Bracelets with BMB Designs

May 28, 2022
10:00am to 5:00pm


Arrow Creative
653 Philadeplhia Street
Memphist, TN 38104
United States


Have you been admiring the big, bold cuffs with statement stones? Want to know how to make these yourself? Then this class is for you!
We will have two options- a multiwire cuff or a hinged cuff for those with some metalsmithing experience and a single wire cuff for those that are just beginning their journey. We will also create a bezel setting for a gemstone to solder to the cuff (and cover how to do an open back setting for a lighter, less expensive piece), as well as cover how to add embellishments to the cuff.
You are welcome to bring stones to class with you that you might like to use, but they should be no larger than 1.5 inches by about 1 inch (and must have a flat back). Your material kit fee will be based on what you actually use to create your cuff and will be payable to the instructor at class.
If the student has the following tools, please bring them to class to reduce sharing. Jewelry files, torch and soldering block, jewelry pliers, any texturing hammers or stamps they may want to use. There will be tools available for use, but they may be shared, depending on the class size.
There will be an hour lunch break. Bring your own lunch or enjoy the restaurants around Central Avenue!
Class Fee: $85
Materials Fee: $20-40 Depending on student choices (To be paid at the end of the workshop directly to Brandy)
Level: Beginner-Advanced Beginner
About Class Instructor, Brandy Boyd's:"I love teaching- there is magic in sharing knowledge and it is very important to me that the knowledge I’ve gained through study and experience is passed on to others. Making things is also very important to me- it’s in my blood as my grandmother and grandfather were both artists and makers, in addition to their ‘mainstream jobs’. I think making things and passing that knowledge on is a vital form of connection.
I’ve been teaching Metal Clay and metalsmithing classes for adult education programs since 2007, including classes at the National Ornamental Metal Museum. I have been a technical trainer in several of my ‘mainstream jobs’ since 2003 (2013 on it has been one of my primary job duties) so I am skilled at quickly assessing different learning types and working to accommodate those variations on the fly to ensure positive learning experiences for students. I’ve been making jewelry professionally since 1999, and prior to that, I made clothing and costumes (including a few award-winning ones!), including all the accessories, for myself, friends, and clients."