Meet the Author: Terrell Monger

Jun 28, 2022

Novel. Memphis
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Join us as we welcome Terrell Monger on Tuesday, June 28 at 6:00 pm to celebrate the release of: 



People often make the mistake of thinking that “chemistry” is just “good sex.” Now, good sex is a good chemical reaction, but chemistry is so much more than that. Chemistry is having an intentional plan and vision then putting the right elements together to bring it to pass. People have unknowingly been manipulated, hurt and disappointed when they limit chemistry to elevated sensuality. Many walk around jealous, insecure, spying on their partner because “juicy got ‘em crazy” and logic has left the building. After the extreme pleasures subside, one may end up feeling used and rejected. Going through this cycle enough times can leave one feeling angry, bitter and broken. The purpose of this book is to assist in defining the end that you want so you can select or become a suitable lab partner that is willing to work on your own chemistry project to bring those hopeful expectations to life.


As a motivational speaker, Monger shares stories and strategies to ignite the passions in his audiences.  His energetic and direct presentation of his formula for success sparks positive self-beliefs, alleviates social anxiety and awakens purpose. Monger is regularly consulted by universities, corporations, CEOs and non-profit organizations to help teams gel, communicate more effectively and shape visions and efforts that increase productivity.

Monger’s study of human behavior and reactions to challenges has led him to become one of the nation’s most effective strategic communication experts. Monger believes there is no “cookie cutter” way of addressing conflict, whether personal, professional or internal. He believes that challenges should be rewarding and learning should be exciting. He has compiled his knowledge and insights on  developing healthy thinking habits and into highly motivational books that increase effectiveness both in casual social environments and in the pursuit of business aspirations. The Art of Strategic Conversation and That’s Not My Fight help readers to tailor conversation to agreed-upon goals and identify when and where to apply productive energy.  He has delivered works such as Something She Can Feel and Born Not to Know that give insight to building and establishing healthy relationships. He now delivers what some our calling a masterpiece in his new book YOU+ME highlighting how relationships are one big chemistry project. His style of writing is entertaining and very informative. Enjoy this experience.