New Exhibition - Writing in Three Dimensions: Myth and Metaphor in Ancient Egypt

Oct 18, 2021 - Nov 29, 2021

AMUM is always free! Open Monday-Saturday from 9a-5p.


The exhibit explores the ways in which the ancient Egyptian approach to solving the meaning of life involved a complex framework of balance and counterbalance.  An emphasis on duality in their language, art, and thought and their acceptance of multiple answers to the complex questions of how the world works helped them to maintain its perpetual equilibrium through the mechanisms of myth and magic. Color photographs hand-selected by and on loan from the artist, Jacqueline Thurston, are complemented by antiquities in the collection of the Art Museum of the University of Memphis, chosen by Dr. Lorelei H. Corcoran, director of the university’s Institute of Egyptian Art & Archaeology, a University of Memphis Center of Excellence.