“Africa On My Mind” A Duo Exhibition

Apr 17, 2021 - Jul 31, 2021

Urevbu Contemporary
410 South Main Street
South Main Arts District
Memphis, TN 38103
United States

Countryside 1, 2020 | Urevbu Contemporary
Dereje Demissie


The Spring Duet features new paintings by Ethiopian artist Dereje Demissie and Nigerian artist Johnson Uwadinma.

While formally very different, Demissie and Uwadinma’s works are visually connected through their shared use of bright color and loosely figurative compositions. Deeper than visual affinity, Demissie and Uwadinma explore a number of common themes from issues of history, memory, and humanity’s place in both the physical and cultural landscape. In staging a conversation between the work of an artist from East Africa (Ethiopia) and an artist from West Africa (Nigeria), Title examines the nuances of African identity. With origins in a continent whose history is tinged with centuries of colonialism and imperialism, renewed independence and political revolution, urbanization and globalization, Demissie’s and Uwadinma’s paintings represent inflections of different points of the vast continent. Taken together, Demissie and Johnson present a spectrum of experiences and narratives of the contemporary global African diaspora.