Eat Brunch Every Day At CIMAS Downtown

It’s a beautiful day in Memphis. I’m hopped up on sunshine, and so today when I woke up I chose French Toast.

And breakfast tacos. And my favorite, chilaquiles. 

I called up my pal Alex and we went straight to the Hyatt Centric hotel on Beale which opened last week. Their rooftop spot, Beck & Call, opens to the public soon. The rooftop bar will get all the Instagram love for its M-bridge vista, but the downstairs restaurant CIMAS is already open for breakfast and brunch daily. 

brunch spread with french toast, chilaquiles with egg, and breakfast tacos with sweet potatos
Alex Shanksy
Breakfast spread at CIMAS

CIMAS in downtown Memphis

At the moment, CIMAS is only open for breakfast from 7 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Lunch, dinner, and bar menus will be available on April 23. Tables are spaced and everyone wears masks when not eating or drinking. 

CIMAS is loosely Latin-inspired, with some Southern and eclectic influences from Executive Chef Keith Potter, who has 17 years of culinary experience in Chicago and on the West Coast. 

The space does have a hotel vibe, but it’s a modern, clean look with good views and plenty of natural light. I could see it for an upscale breakfast or brunch, a date night, friend meetup, or small group dinner.

hotel bar area with glass wall, blue carpet, gray seating, bar in background
Holly Whitfield

There’s also a lounge area that will soon have a bar menu and drinks, plus a grab-n-go counter with healthy options and juices from local restaurant Raw Girls and a few other items. 

the Mains section of the breakfast menu
Holly Whitfield
This is just the "Mains" section, there's an a la carte and coffee and juice part, too.
copies of the market and grab and go counter menus
Holly Whitfield
Order from these menus at the bar/counter.

Breakfast or Brunch at CIMAS

We started off with lattes. Right now, they’re still working out the morning alcohol situation but you can get a simple drink like a mimosa if you’re going full brunch mode, i.e., if you’re vacation drinking at 9:30 a.m. I will not judge you. If that’s not for you, there are fresh juices, coffees, and espresso drinks. They do have oat milk for a dairy-free option.

I’ve used breakfast and brunch interchangeably because I think the menu is appropriate for either meal. There's not a different menu for weekend brunch. If you want something lighter, there’s a fruit and granola parfait, chia seed bowl, avocado toast, and a la carte items. If you want something bigger or bolder, there are tacos, carnitas breakfast hash, grit bowl with eggs, chilaquiles, and more.

breakfast tacos with sweet potatoes, chorizo, and crema
Holly Whitfield
chilquiles, a fried egg sprinkled with herbs and cotija on a stack of tortilla chips
Holly Whitfield
It just looks like an egg, but trust me, there's a stack of delicious flavor-packed tortilla under there.

I was amped about the breakfast tacos, and they didn’t disappoint. Sweet potatoes, chorizo, salsa, cotija: delicious. The corn tortilla didn’t add anything for me (corn tortillas rarely do) but the filling was A+ and I will order it again.

Then came the chilaquiles verdes, tortilla chips coated in a salsa verde with cotija and crema. This dish is packed with flavor and texture. Amazing. It's well seasoned without being too salty, and has great savory taste thanks to the charred tomatillo salsa and fresh lime. Eggs are prepared to your liking (we went with over medium) and the fresh guacamole was a lovely touch. We approve of the guac, which is not too chunky but not suspiciously smooth either. 

Alex and I couldn't pick a favorite, but if we had one thing to try it might, maybe, possibly be the chilaquiles? It's too hard to choose. Follow your stomach and you will win.

I would like to compose a sonnet for the corn flake crusted French toast, but I know y’all won’t read 14 lines of poetry so I’ll just say this: place an order of this divine dish for the table and thank us later! It’s thick slices of brioche coated in crispy corn flakes bits—so perfectly crisp—topped with mandarin oranges and a horchata-inspired sauce, plus syrup on the side. Perfect texture. Not too sweet. 

stack of french toast encrusted in corn flakes
Holly Whitfield
stack of french toast encrusted in corn flakes
Holly Whitfield
Side view. I was dizzy with sugar and delight.
Ordering carbs like a stack of pancakes or French toast for the table to share is a pro-level brunch move.

If you want a few bites of something sweet and fluffy, but don’t want a whole loaf of bread (or if you also want something savory) this “one order for the table!” strategy will serve you well.

Half of the breakfast menu is gluten free, one item is marked vegan, and several items are vegetarian (with eggs). I did ask about the tacos, which can be prepared sans-chorizo if you prefer. The service was excellent and very accommodating. Thank you to Barry and his trainee!

chiliquiles, a fried egg on top, with French toast and coffee in the background

About The Hyatt Centric Beale Street Hotel

The hotel is the first hotel on Beale Street, if you can believe that, and is located at Beale and Front. That's west of the Orpheum if you’re having trouble picturing it. It has 227 rooms and suites, a pool, and the aforementioned rooftop bar and restaurant Beck & Call. The hotel is dog-friendly for pups less than 50 pounds and has a host of other amenities you can check out on their website

Next door the hotel proper, Hyatt has renovated the historic Ellis Machine Shop Building (keeping the facade Chic-Fil-A style) and you can be sure everyone and their mama will be getting married and having events there post-pandemic. 

Exterior of the Hyatt Centric Hotel on Beale Street | Alex Shansky
Go There: 

CIMAS at Hyatt Centric 
33 Beale Street
Memphis, Tenn. 38103

CIMAS Instagram

Hyatt Centric Website

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