Memphis Music Feature: Brandon Brown

Memphis Music Feature: Brandon Brown

Today we kick off Memphis Music Month! Each Tuesday and Thursday in October, we will share a Q&A with a local artist—so you can discover new music and get to know the amazing people making that music.

I've partnered with my friends at Memphis Music Hub for this series, so the 'MH' you see below stands for Music Hub.

Memphis Music Month Feature #1: Brandon Brown

First up is Brandon Brown aka “Pastor Funk”, Brandon Brown believes that his ministry, in part, is to inspire and touch people in a positive way through his musical career.

Recently, Brandon was the Musical Director for Stevie Wonder for the 2019 Taste of Soul Family Festival and is currently the Music Director for the Jacksons.

He is thrilled to continue to spread the power of love through music, performance and spirituality. 

“I remember having to sneak into Hard Rock and BB Kings [on Beale Street] when I was 16 to sit-in and be a part of what was happening!”

- Brandon Brown 

Q&A With Brandon Brown:

MH: In one word or phrase, what about Memphis inspires you creatively?

Brandon: The people from Memphis inspire me, because they can take something some may consider trash and make it sound like gold.

MH: Who in Memphis do you love to listen to?

Brandon: I'm a big fan of Jerome Chism and Courtney Little. They are real SOUL STARS.

 MH: Which place gives you that Memphis vibe? 

Brandon: Beale St. for sure!! I remember having to sneak into Hard Rock and BB Kings when I was 16 to sit in and be a part of what was happening!

MH: What advice would you give to a young artist starting out?

Brandon: The best lesson I could teach a young artist would be to always be true to themselves. Stay in touch with what makes you, YOU. To me, that’s the coolest part about being an artist. Allow your fan base to grow with you, and they will love you, flaws and all!

MH: Was there a moment that changed the trajectory of your career as an artist and a person?

Brandon: A moment that changed me as an artist was way back in 2004, a former band I was in, New Genesis, was the house band for The Freedom Awards that year and Stevie Wonder was the recipient.

It wasn’t confirmed that he would sing after he accepted his award, but a Yamaha Motif 8 was left to the side stage just in case. He gave a speech and walked to the piano and a LITERAL dream of mine became reality. There I was, playing bass with Stevie Wonder, note for note with him as he played through a medley of songs”My Cherie Amor”, “I Just Called To Say I love you” and “Love’s In Need of Love Today”.

That moment was so awesome for me and I ended up working with him very closely down through the years since then and I’m so very grateful. And I’m happy it happened in Memphis!

MH: Where can we hear you?

Brandon: I'm currently working on a project with my band called Cathedral City, it's gonna be a very exciting listening experience!! You can check us out by searching The Brandon Brown Collective on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Tidal and wherever there is music, we will be there.

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Deborah Knowle…
I am the PROUD MOM of Brandon Brown!!! This was a wonderful way to kick off Memphis Music Month October 2020! I thoroughly enjoyed the Q&A interview you did with Brandon. It was very interesting and informative. I’m looking forward to the remainder of your interviews this month. Keep up the great work!!! Deborah Knowles Brown
October 1, 2020 10:11pm

Holly Whitfield
Thank you Deborah! It's an honor to feature Brandon—and congrats on having such a talented son!
October 2, 2020 11:35am