Red, White Trash and Blue: The Amurica Photo Booth

Red, White Trash and Blue: The Amurica Photo Booth

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Amurica.

At least, it's photographer Jamie Harmon's version. He's transformed this 1950's trailer into a moveable  photobooth. He described it to me as "red, white trash and blue", a piece of rolling Americana.

Jamie Harmon's Amurica Trailer

Harmon refurbished the trailer four months ago for his annual trip to a music festival in Seale, Ala. Since then, bands have crammed in to record songs, and more than 1000 people have posed for photos with Harmon's wide array of props. There are glasses, masks, stuffed animals, hats and a painting of a chicken, ready to be incorporated into your photo.

Goat Mask, Jamie Harmon's Amurica

Amurica is decorated with found objects, chili pepper Christmas lights, photos of friends and gifts (like a stuffed zombie doll). There are two shiny vinyl seats (one of which I shared with Harmon's extremely well-behaved French water mutt, Moonpie).

Jamie Harmon's Amurica

While Amurica has only made a handful of appearances around town (like at Rock'n'Romp), he's planning to take it out more during festival season. If  you see him, hop in, let him take a photo, and he'll print it out and send it home with you in classic photo booth style.

To find out more about Amurica (as well as Jamie Harmon's other project), check out Uberphoto.

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Too cool! We were so excited to see your trailer and then to meet and have a great conversation with you! Hail to the big and tininsy sock monkeys! Memphis ROCKS so stay here! Put on Saturday's mustache and let's party!
May 28, 2011 9:19pm
Sean Reynolds
Hey guys. I had fun at Cooper-Young. The photo booth was one of my favorite things there. I am jealous. Wish it were mine. Thanks, Sean.
September 21, 2011 8:13pm
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