Mardi Gras and Where To Get King Cakes In Memphis 2021

Posted by Holly Whitfield | January 9th 2021 15593 0

Where can you get a king cake in Memphis and the Mid-South?

Where To Get King Cakes In Memphis

Most folks will tell you to order a king cake from the many bakeries farther south that ship them. But if you want to go local, here are a few places to get king cakes in Memphis:

Many people opt order king cakes online and have them shipped to Memphis from Louisiana/South Mississippi. Folks swear by Manny Randazzo, Paul’s Pastry, Haydel’s, Gambino’s, among many others.

I’m sure someone will try to fight me for leaving off their favorite NOLA/other king cakery. Don’t panic, just feel free to add your suggestions in the comments.

Mardi Gras Events In Memphis

Celebrate at home this year; the pandemic is still happening. If you do have a virtual Mardi Gras event, please submit it to the blog’s calendar and we’ll get it added.

Cajun Food In Memphis

Award-winning gumbo from King’s Palace Cafe on Beale. Photo by Kim Thomas.

If you just want some Cajun and Creole cuisine for Mardi Gras in Memphis—or anytime—try these spots:

  • Regina’s Cajun Kitchen downtown
  • Bayou Bar & Grill in Overton Square in midtown
  • Owen Brennan’s in East Memphis
  • Itta Bena on Beale Street
  • The Second Line (online ordering only at this time)
  • Ben-Yay’s downtown
  • King’s Palace Cafe on Beale Street
  • New Orelaans Seafood on N. Cleveland Street
  • Parish Grocery in Vollintine-Evergreen

Places like Half Shell, Lafayette’s, Rizzo’s, and Blues City Cafe also have Cajun-inspired options and seafood and such.

Also, check out the Crawfish guide here and the Oyster guide here.

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  1. David M. says:

    Sadly, Sucre abruptly closed last year. Gracious Bakery is now shipping King Cake though, and they are divine!

    • Holly Whitfield says:

      Bummer! I actually vaguely remember this now that you mention it. Thank you for the update, I’ll get it changed in the post.

  2. Kimberly says:

    Donut Hut- King Cakes and Mr. Donut- Horn Lake

  3. CCM says:

    They have king cakes at Thomas Meat & Seafood in Collierville. They ship them in every year. They also serve hot lunches during the week, and there is usually a Cajun-style lunch day with red beans & rice and other items. Give them a call if you want to confirm. (901) 221-8584

  4. Christa says:

    You can order a King Cake from Farm and Fig in Cooper Young!!

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