The Ultimate Memphis Patio List: 100+ Places To Eat and Drink Outside

Posted by Holly Whitfield | October 12th 2020 84412 0

Ed. Note: Restaurants are FREQUENTLY changing their hours, open status, dog-friendly status, and patio availability due to the pandemic. We are trying to keep up with information but things change hourly. For that reason, I recommend calling the restaurant for the most up-to-date info!

Here it is: Memphis area patios, listed (generally) by neighborhood. I will continue to update this list of patios, so if left off your favorite patio all you have to do is leave me a comment!

Belly Acres

I’ve created this based on older posts about patios here, here, and here, and many, many more. While those other blog posts give a bit more commentary on the patios and have more pictures, this post you’re reading right now is meant to be more of a big reference list of patios.

I have added *dog friendly if the restaurants allowed leashed dogs on their patios. Some of these patios are big, some are tiny, some are just table or two, some are covered or partially enclosed, and some patios are not.

I can’t control when a restaurant decides to open their patio or not, so call ahead if you have a doubt. Many of these places technically do allow smoking outside, so call ahead if  that’s a dealbreaker for you. If there’s a place I think you’re likely to encounter smoking, I’ve made that note.

OK, without further ado, here’s a list of patios in Memphis, including pet friendly patios and Memphis dog friendly patios. Sunglasses on, bottoms up.


Cordelia’s Market Harbor Town actually has two patios, dog friendly
Loflin Yard *dog friendly (the whole place is basically a patio)
Comeback Coffee
Cupcake Cutie 
Curfew at Canopy by Hilton Hotel
– Central BBQ Downtown *midtown and downtown locations are dog friendly
Automatic Slim’s (just a few tables) 
– Terrace at the River Inn (the covered rooftop bar/restaurant at The River Inn at Harbor Town)
Blue Monkey Downtown (smoking allowed)
Cafe Eclectic Harbor Town
Lunchbox Eats patio is temporarily closed, sometimes to-go orders available
Momma’s *dog friendly (might be some smoking)
Carolina Watershed (open Fri-Sun. only)
Old Dominick Distillery (rooftop access via the upstairs bar when it’s open) temporarily closed
The Greyhound at Hilton Garden Inn *dog friendly temporarily closed
– Slider Inn Downtown *dog friendly
Rendezvous alley patio seating, call ahead for reservations
Grind City Brewing taproom – *dog friendly

Main Street
– Felicia Suzanne’s *dog friendly (water bowls sometimes available)
Cafe Keough
Maciel’s *dog friendly (just a few tables) 
– Aldo’s *dog friendly
Local Gastropub *dog friendly
Blind Bear Speakeasy (might be some smoking)
Blue Fin
– Majestic Grille *dog friendly temporarily operating as Cocozza American Italian with an open patio
– South of Beale *dog friendly
Green Beetle *dog friendly
Bluff City Coffee
Rizzo’s (just a few tables)
Max’s Sports Bar *dog friendly when they’re not crowded (might be some smoking)
Ghost River Brewing Taproom *dog friendly
Pontotoc Lounge (just a few tables – call ahead for dog-friendly patio info)
The Vault *dog friendly
Hu. Hotel (formerly the Madison Hotel, they’ve reopened and have a rooftop patio) temporarily closed
Hustle & Dough / Bar Hustle at the ARRIVE Hotel *dog friendly
Swanky’s Taco Shop at the Chisca temporarily closed

Beale Street
– Bleu (at the Westin)
Silky O’Sullivan’s
– Jerry Lee Lewis’ Cafe
– Alfred’s on Beale
Rum Boogie Cafe
B.B. King’s
Tin Roof

Cafe Ole

Crosstown / The Edge / Medical District
– Mollie Fontaine Lounge temporarily closed
High Cotton Brewing taproom *dog friendly
Edge Alley
Crosstown Brewing Co. *dog friendly
Crosstown Concourse including Saucy Chicken, MEMPops, Next Door American Eatery, Trasimento (multiple patios, dog friendly)
Mardi Gras Memphis
– Sunrise Memphis


Cafe 1912
ECCO on Overton Park *dog friendly
– Otherlands Coffee Bar  *dog friendly
– Central BBQ Midtown (2249 Central Ave.) *midtown and downtown locations are dog friendly
– Bhan Thai *I’ve heard it’s dog friendly, but I get mixed reports. Call ahead to be sure.
– Slider Inn *dog friendly
Cafe Eclectic Midtown
– Huey’s Midtown
– Railgarten *dog friendly
I Love Juice Bar
– Blue Monkey Midtown (might be some smoking) temporarily closed
Hattie B’s
Tamboli’s Pasta and Pizza
Deli on the Square *dog friendly (temporarily closed as they move from Overton Sq. to 1906 Madison Ave.)

Cooper Young – most everywhere has at least a few tables outside 

Memphis Made Brewing taproom *dog friendly
– Beauty Shop / DKDC (there will 100% be some smoking late-night at DKDC)
– Tsunami
Alchemy *dog friendly
Hammer & Ale *dog friendly
Mulan *dog friendly
Sweet Grass Next Door *dog friendly
– Young Ave. Deli *dog friendly (might be some smoking)
– Cafe Ole *dog friendly (might be some smoking)
Celtic Crossing *dog friendly (might be some smoking)
Stone Soup Cafe *dog friendly

Loflin Yard

Overton Square

– Babalu
Bari Ristorante (just a few tables, reservations required)
– Second Line *dog friendly, please inform the hostess you have your furry friend with you
– Memphis Pizza Cafe Midtown (2087 Madison Ave.) *dog friendly
– Bayou Bar and Grill
– Bosco’s
– Local on the Square *dog friendly
Side Street Grill (might be some smoking)
– Lafayette’s Music Room
– Belly Acres *dog friendly
– Robata *dog friendly
Saltwater Crab

Broad Avenue

Maximo’s on Broad
City & State *dog friendly
– Wiseacre Taproom *very dog friendly, like, so many dogs
– The Cove  *dog friendly (likely to be some smoking)
The Liquor Store *dog friendly
Bounty on Broad *call for dog-friendly info

Wiseacre Taproom

East Memphis

Soccer City 901
Mosa Asian Bistro
Lost Pizza Co. *dog friendly
Central BBQ  East Memphis
– Cheffie’s *dog friendly
High Point Pizza *dog friendly
RP Tracks (likely be some smoking)
– Swanky’s Taco Shop (4770 Poplar Avenue)
Memphis Sports Pub *dog friendly
– Memphis Pizza Cafe Park Ave. (5061 Park Ave.) *dog friendly
– Elwood’s Shack *dog friendly
Sam’s Deli *dog friendly temporarily closed
– Ciao Bella
– Las Delicias on Quince
The Bluff
The Casual Pint *dog friendly
La Michoacana
Ronnie Grisanti’s 
– Gus’ World Famous Fried Chicken East Memphis
Lucchesi’s Beer Garden *dog friendly
Owen Brennan’s
– Los Jarochos
Mortimer’s *dog friendly
City Silo
Mellow Mushroom Eastgate

Brookhaven Circle
– Hog & Hominy *dog friendly (temporarily closed due to fire)
– Brookhaven Pub (695 West Brookhaven Circle) *dog friendly patio temporarily closed, open for to-go only
Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen
Bogie’s Deli Brookhaven
Fox Ridge Pizza
Bangkok Alley 

Hammer & Ale


The Half Shell Southwind (7825 Winchester Rd.)
– Forest Hill Grill in Germantown
Huey’s – pretty much all the Huey’s
East End Grill – both Bartlett and Southwind locations
Casablanca (7609 Poplar Pike)
Mesquite Chop House in Southaven
Mellow Mushroom in Germantown (9155 Poplar)** *dog friendly
– Kooky Canuck in Cordova (1250 N. Germantown Parkway)
Flying Saucer in Cordova**
My Favorite Place in Cordova
Three Guys Pizza
Meddlesome Brewing *dog friendly patio
Cajun Catfish Company in Collierville (336 New Byhalia Rd.)
Square Beans in Collierville
Bangkok Alley in Collierville
El Mezcal in Bartlett
El Porton in Bartlett
– Bahama Breeze** at Wolfchase
Los Cabos in Bartlett
El Idolo in Bartlett
El Patron in Bartlett
Pizza Social in Bartlett

** I don’t normally include non-local chains in my lists of Memphis patios, but so many people suggested these patios that I added them.

When I started to update the old posts and realized I’d gotten past 100 total patios, I got worried the list was too long. So, I did what I always do when I’m wondering something and I posed the question to Twitter: How many patios are too many patios for a list of MidSouth patios? The answer was pretty much this:

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  1. Cafe Eclectic says:

    This is awesome! Just for next time- all three stores Harbortown, Midtown and Highland have patios and all are very Dog Friendly. Thank you so much for doing this list- al fresco is the only way to dine in memphis in the spring!

  2. Keri says:

    You forgot Local on Overton Square. They are dog friendly.

  3. Steve Meek says:

    Hey Holly! Thanks for adding Mellow in Gtown. We are local owners of the franchise, And live in Collierville. Our patio is dog friendly too! Love your stuff!!

  4. Debby Black says:

    Great list! East Memphis Pls include Memphis Sports Pub (some smoking) dog friendly. Thank you for this information!

  5. Natalie says:

    Is Lunchbox Eats still open? I like their patio.

  6. W. T. says:

    Thanks for noting the patios that are dog friendly. I wanted to add some updates to the included list. I have taken my dog to the patios at Bhan Thai, Green Beetle, Lyfe Kitchen downtown, Fuel Cafe, Cafe Eclectic midtown, The Beauty Shop, Bar Louie, and Belly Acres. They were all wonderfully accommodating. Cafe Society on Evergreen also welcomes dogs with open arms. However, Babalu has told us multiple times that we cannot bring a dog on that patio.
    Hope this is useful to all the dog peeps in Memphis. Thanks!

    • Holly Whitfield says:

      Thanks W.T.! I will go ahead and remove dog-friendly from Babalu. On the phone they told me it was ok but they’re clearly not keeping with that. 🙂

  7. Paul says:

    Owen Brennan’s on Poplar just east of 240 has an AWESOME patio – and terrific food, too.

  8. PATIOS!!!!!! says:

    OMG!!!!! I love patios and this list. Thank you so much for posting this.

  9. Caleb says:

    High Point Pizza *Dog Friendly and has a patio

  10. Red says:

    Gotta add Crosstown Brewing Company!

  11. Neill says:

    Meddlesome in Cordova has a patio. I think they are dog friendly as well.

  12. Neill says:

    Meddlesome brewery in Cordova has a great patio.

  13. Annie Yoder says:

    How about adding McAllisters? Poplar plaza and Collierville locations are dog friendly. What a great reference you have made. Thanks!!

  14. Mori Welborn says:

    Kabob International in Cordova (Dexter) is now closed:(

  15. Janice Smythe-Tune says:

    Terrific offerings…THANKS FOR SHARING!!

  16. Traci Nolan says:

    The Kitchen at Shelby Farms apparently closed at the end of 2018. 🙁

  17. Brian Thompson says:

    TJ Mulligan’s on Trinity and the Hwy 64 location both have patios

  18. Cyndia Wright says:

    Why did you not mention Deli on the Square? We have a newly renovated patio that’s is very dog friendly. We have been family owned and operated for over 20 years. We serve breakfast and lunch from open (7am) to close and feature all house made soups daily.
    I hope you will come by and see us sometime and enjoy our patio.

    • Holly Whitfield says:

      We’re getting close to 140 patios, nobody was “left off” on purpose, it’s just a work in progress! I added about 25 to the list for 2019, including Deli on the Square. Thank you! Sounds wonderful.

  19. Patsy Haley says:

    The Liquor Store on Broad has a patio and is dog friendly.

  20. R French says:

    Huey’s Southwind has an amazing patio, as well as the half shell there too. Germantown Huey’s and Cordova are great too

  21. Tory says:

    The patio at Booyas in collierville is dog friendly too ♥️

  22. Ashley Jamieson says:

    Mortimer’s! We have a covered patio and are adding a new TV – also dog friendly 🙂

  23. Devon says:

    Just moved here from Michigan. Live in Bartlett. Don’t see places out by me. Also, world love to know how family friendly places are. lastly, Is it apart of the culture to drive 20 min to everything? Thanks

    • Holly Whitfield says:

      I asked a few people from Bartlett for their insight on your questions, and added their suggestions to the patio list. All the ones in Bartlett are reported to be family friendly. As for others around town, majority are fine for families, especially earlier or during lunch. The ones who mention smoking tend to be less kid-friendly, of course. If you have a question about a specific one or neighborhood, let me know, though and I”m happy to give you more info.

      Bartlett Tex-Mex restaurants like El Idolo, Los Cabo, El Porton, El Mezcal, and El Patron were all mentioned for their patios (and all family-friendly) as well as East End Grill (maybe go earlier to ensure fam-friendly atmosphere) and quite a few people said Pizza Social on Kirby Whitten.

      As for the 20 minutes question, it depends on what you’re looking to do and your definition of “everything”. Some folks like to stick in their suburban neighborhoods (and find their day-to-day needs met there) but I think many who live outside the loop regularly make that 20 minute trip into the city core for things like sporting events, theater, festivals, attractions, more dining options, etc. And I do think that’s a part of American culture for those who choose to live outside city’s cores. It’s a pretty short commute time compared to some cities’ suburbs-to-center travel time!

      Let me know if you have any other questions and welcome to the Mid-South and Memphis. 🙂

  24. Witney Wilcox says:

    Hello, we opened East Coast Wings + Grill in May 2017. We are located at 2946 Kate Hyde Blvd. across from Wolfchase Mall. We have 2 large flat screen TVs on our patio, heat lamps, and crawfish on Sunday’s. It’s a great spot thank you

    • Holly Whitfield says:

      Hi Witney! Thanks so much for your message. I’m adding your awesome sounding patio to this list! Do y’all happen to be dog-friendly?

  25. Beth Yarbrough says:

    In Germantown we also have wonderful patios at Casablanca, Southern Social and Farm and Fries.

  26. Adair Hogue says:

    Looking for a list of venues that might be interested in live music by one of to musicians during dinner or on patio?

    • Holly Whitfield says:

      Adair, I don’t have a list for that specifically, but here are some places that have patio music or dinner music inside/outside:
      all the Huey’s
      Cafe Ole
      Blind Bear
      Pontotoc Lounge
      Loflin Yard
      Dirty Crow Inn
      Ghost River Taproom
      Crosstown Brewing
      Blue Monkey (either location)
      Celtic Crossing
      Newby’s (college bar)

  27. Adrianne says:

    This list is SO helpful! I’d love to also know which of these places are dog-friendly indoors as well! We just moved to Memphis and we’ve got a sweet pup we like to bring everywhere with us. We’ve been to Loflin Yard a few times and I love that we can bring him indoors with us and we’d love to know of some other places as well during these cold months!

    • Holly Whitfield says:

      Hi Adrianne! I did not realize that dogs were allowed inside bars/restaurants…so asked this question on Twitter and got some interesting responses, including several people who informed me that this is illegal in TN. You can read the full thread here: https://twitter.com/ilovememphis/status/1206645603222130689?s=20
      Taprooms like Memphis Made, Wiseacre, and High Cotton have sort of indoor/outdoor spaces and seem to get away with it. I have definitely seen dogs inside The Cove bar on Broad. You can also bring your dog into Crosstown Concourse and Puck Food Hall since those are more public spaces that just happen to have bars and restaurants inside. Enjoy your pup and exploring these spots!

  28. Robert Taylor says:

    Doghouzz in Crosstown has a patio.

  29. Kay Crawford says:

    ComebackCoffee is a great patio out back to eat and drink at 358 North Main

  30. Kim says:

    Hi Holly! Please add Mardi Gras in Midtown. I haven’t eaten on the patio, but I know they do have one.
    Thanks so much for this list!!

  31. Shay says:

    Thank you sharing such a broad variety of things to do in Memphis! I use your blog to decide what to do almost every weekend. I have enjoyed activities with my family and when I need to be alone. The information here allows me to plan and try new places and activities!

    Keep doing the great work! It’s awesome to see what Memphis has to offer!

  32. Brian Thompson says:

    Mellow mushroom in eastgate… Very large covered patio

  33. Roberto Cantu says:

    Why Soccer City 901 is not there???
    We have the biggest Patio in Memphis
    Please add to the list

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