It Gets Real At The Second Line New Orleans Restaurant In Overton Square

Posted by Holly Whitfield | August 18th 2020 22614 0

Do you want an authentic New Orleans po’boy? Or authentic casual New Orleans anything? Go to The Second Line, Chef Kelly English’s restaurant next door to the Restaurant Iris.

For 2020, The Second Line is open for dine-in, takeout, and patio dining. Check their social media or call ahead for the most up-to-date information.

Alex Shansky

Alex Shansky

The interior dining room has a medium bar and a couple of TVs for sports-watching. You’ll find the Grizzlies, unless there’s a Saints game on. You’ll likely find the chef passing through the space in his black-and-gold jersey. Saints fans: you are welcome here.

I ordered a High Cotton IPA and some crab meat hushpuppies to start. They came out quickly in an adorable cast iron mini-skillet with a ranch-like sauce.

I grew up eating roast beef po’boys on Sundays, so though the seafood was tempting, I had a moral obligation to order the roast White Oaks pasture beef po’boy.

First rule of po’boys: good bread. It is so very sad when I order a po’boy and the bread is so tough and bad that I have to practically gnaw on my sandwich. It’s very unattractive. Luckily, this is no issue at Second Line because their bread is brought in from NOLA. The texture is perfect: absorbent but not soggy, toasted but not hard.

Justin Fox Burks

For dessert, they had either bread pudding from Restaurant Iris or a root beer float, so obviously we ordered both. The bread pudding tasted as sweet and rich as you’d imagine, and I hadn’t had a root beer float in ages, so that was fun.

There are a few seemingly vegetarian options, but ask your server to be sure about cooking methods. There were several families with kids when I went (early on a Sunday) and the menu is accessible, so I will call The Second Line family-friendly.

Go there: 

The Second Line
2144 Monroe Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee 38104
(901) 590-2828


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  1. Leefordlyle says:

    I think what you have labeled "Mississsippi Catfish" is the fried platter, with fried Oysters, Fried Shrimp, and Fried Catfish.  Whatever you call it, it's still amazing!


  2. Holly Whitfield says:

    Whoops! My pal Tiffany took that photo and she has confirmed that you are correct. It's fixed now, thanks!

  3. Tamera says:

    Looks delicious I will have to check them out. 

  4. Memphomaniac says:

    Wow! I have been waiting for an authentic Po Boy in this town for years! I'm on it like a fat kid on a happy meal. Anybody care to join me?

  5. Kim says:

    I absolutely loved the food!! Authentic and tasty.  Everything was delicious


  6. Sah says:

    It’s an interesting place to say the least.I was there in June for the first time.I did eat some diuociels food and enjoyed some wonderful jazz in an small intimate bar in the French quarter.Marc

  7. […] Beauty Shop serves fusion food in a swanky atmosphere for lunch, dinner, and brunch – Second Line serves New Orleans-style food (especially po-boys) and craft cocktails – For breakfast: Cafe […]

  8. lil says:

    i love it so yummmy

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