Memphis Music Feature: Liz Brasher

Posted by Holly Whitfield | June 23rd 2020 951 0

Ed. Note: Memphis artist Liz Brasher recently released her video for her latest track “Sad Girl Status”. I talked with her about Memphis, music, and her projects.

Liz Brasher at The Arcade. Photo provided by the artist.

You can tune in to a Facebook Watch Party for the awesome new video on the evening of Tuesday, June 23 on the Memphis Travel page. I’ll be sharing on the I Love Memphis page, too, and it will be available to view after the Watch Party concludes.

Where are you from? How long have you lived in Memphis?

I’m from Matthews, North Carolina originally. I’ve lived in Memphis for three years. I came here to make a record and fell in love with the city.

How did you get started as a musician?

I grew up singing inside the church and taking piano lessons. Later on, it evolved to me fronting bands as a singer. Eventually, I wound up picking up a guitar to play and write.

How has Memphis music inspired your artistic career? 

Music from Memphis has a really authentic, rhythmic, gritty quality. The mistakes are embraced, nothing is polished, and sonically everything comes out as a reflection of the characters that make the songs.

Liz Brasher at The Arcade. Photo provided by the artist.

How has Memphis as a city inspired your artistic career? 

Memphis doesn’t conform to the rest of the world, and in that way this city serves as a constant remind for me to never do the same. The diversity here has really inspired me to approach everything from a multilayered perspective.

How have you been coping personally and professionally during the pandemic? 

I’ve been writing songs, watching movies, spinning some records, creating playlists, reading books, trying new recipes, exercising, meditating and praying. 

The video for Sad Girl Status features a ton of Memphis landmarks. Why/how did you choose downtown Memphis as a setting? Which particular landmarks can we look for and what do they mean to you?

I wanted everyone to see that Memphis is an electric city. Tremendous work has been done here to make it a really cool place. Lots of new local businesses have been opening alongside a lot of the historically great ones. Central Station was one of our locations because of the work done within it to really embrace the culture of this town. From the DJ booth, to the speaker wall, to the neon signs, you feel like you’re in a modern city. Memphis is becoming that.

We showed [the National Civil Rights Museum] at the Lorraine Motel because we wanted to display the newness that exists side by side with the pain that is still being felt nationwide.

How can people keep up with your projects? 

Youtube: Liz Brasher
IG: lizbrasher
Twitter: @lizbrasher

Just For Fun

Meet Liz

  1. What’s always in your bag? 

– a business card that says “stop talking”

  1. Guilty pleasure? 

– cool-whip & peanut-butter 

  1. Go-to outfit? 

– t shirt & jeans

  1. How do you drink your coffee? 

– the same way you do, out of a cup

  1. Favorite song(s) right now?

– Impeach the President by The Honey Drippers 

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