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One of the OG Memphis pizza parlors, Memphis Pizza Cafe remains one of my favorites in town. I love the thin, almost cracker-crisp crust and the consistency—every time I order a Cajun Chicken Supreme (no mushrooms, add feta), it tastes just and delicious as flavorful as always.

An Original Memphis Pizza Joint

Memphis Pizza Cafe has multiple locations, including Overton Square, Park Ave. in East Memphis, Germantown, and Collierville. In addition to pizza, which you can always order by the slice, there are salads, subs, calzones, and desserts. MPC is great for lunch, too.

Slices from Memphis Pizza Cafe

slices from Memphis Pizza Cafe

Recently, an excellent lunch included a slice of Ultimate Cheese, which has at least four different kinds of cheese on it, and a slice of Canadian Bacon. The piping hot giant triangles, melty cheese, and tasty toppings came with a knife and fork, thankfully.

Hey Meat!

Memphis Pizza Cafe has specialty pizzas and create-your-own pizzas. And this:

I’m referring to the “Hey Meat!” pizza, which has pepperoni, sausage, Canadian Bacon, beef and bacon crumbles. I’m just not sure how to read it. Is it, casual like “Hey, look – it’s meat!” or is it an expression of joy, more along the lines of “Hey Ho, Let’s Go!”? Read more about the Hey Meat!

Next time you’re craving some thin crust or a delicious calzone, make a stop at Memphis Pizza Cafe. It’s great for groups and kids, and it’s affordable. They also serve beer and wine with generous pours.

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Go There:

Memphis Pizza Cafe

Midtown: 2087 Madison Avenue
East Memphis: 5061 Park Avenue
Germantown: 7604 West Farmington Boulevard

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