New Music Video! Faux Killas Space Force

Posted by Holly Whitfield | March 23rd 2020 1632 0

Breaking news—the good kind! I received a dispatch from local garage rockers Faux Killas, who are debuting their newest music video right here on the blog today.

From the band:

“We hope this can brighten the day of all our friends and fellow humans with a little levity during this alien time.”

Watch and listen here:

With the help of Sara Moseley, Coco Moody, Chuck Vicious, Michaelantonio Jones, and many others, Faux Killas were able to capture this rare and exclusive glimpse into their Space Force alter egos.

“Space Force” is the third single from Faux Killas upcoming album, Raw Sugar, preceded by “Young Puppet” and “Sweet Maxine”. Raw Sugar, the group’s fourth studio LP in five years, was recorded with Andrew McCallas at The Bunker in 2019 and will be released later this year.

The video was edited by local filmmaker and DittyTV producer/editor/host Isaac Erickson and filmed by Sam Shansky, Michaelantonio Jones, and Chuck Vicious. It was directed by Jeremiah Jones.

Also be sure to check out the Faux Killas’s Jam In The Van session recordings below and on Spotify.

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Faux Killas Facebook Page

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Faux Killas YouTube

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