365 Things to Do in Memphis #2: Cheer For The Memphis Tigers

Posted by Holly Whitfield | January 2nd 2020 6887 0

Like me, you may have gone to The University of Memphis. You may just be a Tigers homer. You might cheer on our baseball, football, basketball, or soccer teams – or any one of the eighteen Division I teams that compete in the American Athletic Conference.

Whatever your sport, judging from the crowds at the sporting events, the only words we know to the U of M fight song are “Go, Tigers Go!”. Ha!

It’s ok – there’s plenty of time to learn the words to the fight song before the next game. Assignment #2 on the list of 365 Things To Do is to do just that.

The fight song, which is called “Go! Tigers! Go!” was written in the mid-1960s by Tom Ferguson, the university’s Director of Bands.

The good news for those of us who are going to learn the words today is that they’re easy:

“Go, Tigers go, go on to victory
Be a winner through and through
Fight Tigers, fight, ’cause we’re going all the way
Fight, fight for the blue and gray and say

Let’s Go Tigers Go,
Go On To Victory.
See Our Colors Bright And True;
It’s Fight Now Without A Fear,
Fight Now Let’s Shout A Cheer,
Shout For Dear Memphis U.
Go Tigers Go
Go Tigers Go!”

Now, practice them with the Mighty Sound of the South:

Next time you’re at a U of M game (or are compelled to lead a sing-along at a bar packed with U of M fans), you’ll know the words.

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  1. Jarrod says:

    Maybe I need to be corrected, but I learned (and always heard and sang) that it ends with "Fight for dear old Memphis U!" Either everybody I went to school with was mistaken, or there's a couple of different versions. Hmm…

  2. Jarrod says:

    Ah ha! This version (on Page 2 of the handbook) is the one I learned, with "Show your colors" and "Fight for dear ole Memphis U".

  3. Laney says:

    And then there are those of us who are so old we still can't help but sing "Fight for dear old MSU". Even though I really do try to sing it the right way. 

  4. Beth Hendrickson says:

    I used to play in the U of M band…and regularly got in trouble for playing it in a different key with my other angsty sax buddies.  🙂

  5. Kim says:


  6. Erik says:

    I also used to be an "angsty sax player" and would occasionally (OK, more than that) play "I've Been Working on the Railroad" the second time through. Go ahead, sing it in your head or hum along to the video above. It's works to perfection! 🙂

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