100 Places You Need to Go in Memphis

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There are way more than 100 places to go in Memphis, but these are some of the best. Some of them are super familiar (like Graceland), but there are plenty that might be uncharted territory for you.

How many of these places have you been? Which ones are next on your list?

1. Earnestine & Hazel’s
2. Crystal Shrine Grotto
3. Dyer’s Burgers
4. Memphis Botanic Gardens
5. The bluff walk

The Bluff Walk, Memphis, Tenn.

6. Peabody Hotel Lobby (The people watching is excellent.)
7. Meeman-Shelby State Forest (Stop by the general store, get a burger)
8. Shelby Farms Park
9. National Civil Rights Museum
10. Memphis Zoo
11. Woodruff-Fontaine House / Victorian Village
12. Big River Crossing

13. Chickasaw Heritage Park mounds
14. Martyr’s Park
15. Court Square (especially during lunchtime on Thursdays; there are food trucks)
16. Peabody Hotel Rooftop
17. FedExForum for a basketball game
18. Flashback (The best place in town for vintage clothing, housewares and oddities.)
19. Pink Palace Museum
20. Maggie’s Pharm
21. Center for Southern Folklore
22. Levitt Shell (Most of the concerts and film screenings at the Shell are completely free.)

Memphis’ Levitt Shell In Action

23. AutoZone Park
24. Beale Street (especially A. Schwab General Store and the I Love Memphis billboard by Wet Willy’s)
25. Brooks Museum of Art
26. The P&H Cafe
27. Belz Museum of Asian and Judaic Art
28. Cooper-Young Historic District
29. Paula & Raiford’s Disco
30. Mollie Fontaine Lounge
31. Mud Island Amphitheatre
32. The Rendezvous alley
33. Tiger Lane
34. I AM A MAN Plaza

35. Overton Square / the bar at Boscos
36. Sun Studio
37. Tom Lee Park
38. Graceland
39. South Main Arts District (Especially on the last Friday of every month for Trolley Tour.)
40. Lichterman Nature Center
41. Rock’n’Soul Museum (If you only have time for one Memphis music museum, make it this one – it’s the best of all of them rolled into one.)
42. House of Mews
43. Clark Tower (Have a drink in the Tower Room on the 33rd floor.)

Clark Tower, Memphis, Tenn.

44. The Arcade Restaurant
45. Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid
46. Wild Bill’s
47. Alex’s Tavern
48. Shelby Farms Greenline
49. Dixon Gallery and Gardens
50. Goner Records (Drop a quarter in the Elvis shrine.)
51. Huey’s
52. Shangri-la Records
53. Overton Park Greensward (aka, the huge field in the middle of the park.)
54. Elmwood Cemetery (The final resting place of all sorts of notorious Memphians.)

Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, Tenn.

55. Old Dominick Distillery 
56. Bettis Family Cemetery
57. Summer Drive-In Movie Theater
58. Stax Museum of American Soul Music
59. Amurica Photo Booth
60. Slave Haven Underground Railroad Museum
61. Fire Museum
62. Children’s Museum of Memphis
63.The Memphis room in the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library
64. Memphis Farmers Market / Cooper Young Community Farmers Market 
65. Chucalissa
66. Ghost River Brewery
67. Jerry’s Snow Cones
68. National Ornamental Metal Museum
69. Melrose High School football stadium
70. Joe’s Liquors (Go at night to see the Sputnik in action.)

Joe's Liquors, Memphis, Tenn.

71. Oaklawn Garden
72. Old Forest at Overton Park
73. Hi-Tone Cafe
74. The Remed Mural on Broad Ave.
75. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
76. University of Memphis Art Museum (especially their Ancient Egyptian collection)
77. Memphis Made Brewing Taproom / the Big Red I Love Memphis Mural
78. Rhodes College Library
79. Stereo Alley
80. Revolutions Community Bicycle Shop
81. Wolf River Harbor

Wolf River Harbor, Memphis, Tenn.

82. The Cove Cocktail & Oyster Bar
83. The Four Way Restaurant
84. Gibson’s Donuts (The earlier in the morning, the better.)
85. Playhouse on the Square
86. High Cotton Brewing’s Taproom
87. Chef Tam’s
88. Orpheum Theatre
89. City of Memphis skate park (Wear a helmet, ok?)
90. Sushi Gas Station
91. Five In One Social Club
92. Crosstown Concourse
93. Broad Ave. Arts District / Wiseacre Brewing Taproom
94. Public Earthquake Research Center
95. Muddy’s Bake Shop (East Memphis or midtown location)
96. Memphis International Airport gate B-17
97. The Warehouse (Also a part of a private residence, but the public parties and events there are some of the best in town.)
98. Al Green’s Full Gospel Tabernacle
99. Burke’s Books
100. Novel Bookstore in Laurelwood

Ed. Note: This list has been updated as of January 2020.

There’s also a 100 Things to Eat in Memphis list. A couple of them, actually.

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  1. Joe says:

    Great list, but the general store with the rooster mentioned in #8 is actually at Shelby Forest, not Shelby Farms

  2. The retail shops on central which include Palladio, Market Central, and the one we gets the most raves about is The Memphis Waterworks. These are definitely stops worthy of note for Memphians and out of towners

  3. @fantasyrideout says:

    Do not go to Voodoo Village, I heard you might die

  4. Jennifer says:

    @fantasyrideout.  You will not die at Voodoo Village!  I have been there.  It's just a neighborhood that people have talked about for years.  Creepy at night but thats it

  5. Amy says:

    Seriously?! Why is Voodoo Village even on this list?! It is right in Orange Mound! People DO NOT go there!

    Other than that good list. Some places I haven’t been before and can’t wait to check out.

  6. PatrickGSR94 says:

    90. Sushi Gas Station a.k.a. Lee's Fresh Sushi at the BP on Poplar @ Ridgeway.  It's good stuff, seriously!

  7. Zoongria says:

    what about Whatever smoke shop and local strip clubs?

  8. iAmBaronVonTito says:

    i think the strip clubs in Memphis are probably more dangerous than Orange Mound nowadays. 
    at any rate…lovely list!

  9. matt says:

    voodoo village is not in orange mound you nut. 

  10. JordenE says:

    forgot Black Lodge…

  11. KMAnderson says:

    Unless I missed it on your list already, I would add the Ornamental Metal Museum for the working smithy, the excellent shows, and the incredible view of the river. Great list!

  12. Having worked at the CVB visitors center in past years I really enjoyed your list and suggest you
    send it to the Welcome Center, Riverside , Jeanette King could probably add to this. Must go place
    for  me will be THE SHRINE TO THE GODS OF KEEPING ON THE RAILS–thanks, great list
                                                         mlester–now at #21

  13. Cindy says:

    So why do I need to go to Memphis Airport gate B-17?  Anyone? 

  14. Allison says:

    Where is the philadelphia cemetery? I have not been able to find anything on it at all.

  15. JANE says:

    HEY JOE…

  16. Zhalih says:

    I am also interested in knowing where Old Philadelphia cemetery is located.

  17. Karisa says:

    ok so Orange Mound isnt the worst place in Memphis, not the nicest but not the worst, most of the strip clubs are closed, and whatever smoke shop is awesome, this list is pretty cool, lived in memphis for 6 years and literally haven't done half of what is on the list.

  18. Gale says:

    I forgot the exact name of it to say it correctly, but the Ornamental Ironworks and Museum over by the river bluff  is a great place too!

  19. Gale says:

    Scratch that. It IS ON THE LIST..SORRY..  National Ornamental Metal Museum.  A great place!

  20. Kristin says:

    I think the Downtown Fogelman YMCA should be mentioned in there along with Alcenia's

  21. Allison says:

    The railroad museum under the amtrak station is really cool!  Lots of model trains.  Great list!

  22. SC says:

    I second the depressing lack of Black Lodge on this list. 

  23. Red says:

    You have to see Jamie in Amurica in his place or the PhotoBooth.

  24. Gayle says:

    Love this list! Sadly, the rooster (I forget his name!) @ Shelby Forest General Store has passed on to rooster heaven. Have been to most of these (including the indoor trailer park -don't miss it if you have a chance!!) but saw a few things I haven't done, but will soon, thanks!

  25. Lesvia says:

    Club Rumba on 303 Main Street , the best place to dance Latin music, meet people, learn salsa and have so much fun!!

  26. Erica says:


    I second the Black Lodge nod. Great movie selection, fun music events and parties, and Matt is one of Memphis most interesting people (at least in my opinion).

  27. Dan Levin says:

    You're breaking the hearts of those nice people at The Cotton Museum, 65 Union Ave. 🙂

  28. Lindsay Wilhite says:

    Elwood Shack on Summer 

  29. Kathy says:

    They missed the Central Gardens Home & Garden Tour! Each September, residents in the historic neighborhood open their doors to show how these 100+ yr old homes have stood the test of time. Love to see the eclectic decor and how these homes have been adapted over the years. Most have awesome millworke and stained glass.

  30. Judy says:

    Would not go to Egyptian exhibit.  Was treated rudely there. May be that person no longer works there. I have visited most of the other laces and I agree worth the trip

  31. paul says:

    Broadway pizza is a must, and no bbq joints! Interstate bbq, Neely’s, etc.

  32. howard says:

    what about prince mongo's house.

  33. mitch says:

    hickory hill budha is in foxmeadows….not hickory hill

  34. Jacqueline says:

    Check out The Brighter Side of Memphis page on facebook. I am currently covering all these places for a year. THeres a lot out there.

  35. Bob says:

    I am surprised to say that I have been to about 1/3 of these places and I live in California.  My wife is from Memphis and I love exploring when we're there.  I loved the Old Arcade Restaurant when Harry Z was still there.  My inlaw's are terrified to go to the Cat Fish Cabin, but on the occasions we did go, I had the best Catfish and Hushpuppy's ever.  I also love the Memphis in May barbeque event. May I recommend the movie Mystery Train.

  36. Alex May says:

    Graceland is number one place dummies lol

  37. Sam says:

    James Lee House!

  38. Barry says:

    Allie Cat arts in cooper young 

  39. Linda says:

    the Heartbreak Hotel

  40. Curt says:

    What about the High Point Pub? Smallest and coolest neighborhood dive bar in town.

  41. Sheila Hahn says:

    Are these in order?

  42. Glenn says:

    Do they still have tour busses that goes thru Frayer? There was some talk about making all Frayer a gated community.

  43. Dylon says:

    Bryant’s breakfast!

  44. Melvina says:

    Hatiloo Theater in Cooper Young area.

  45. IBLaura says:

    Everyone is a critic….great job.  I'm off to get a sno-cone and visit Orange Mound.

  46. Daniel says:

    The Beauty Shop!

  47. Shelby Elkins says:

    #33 is wrong because Memphis football actually made the top 25 AP Poll and was their conference champions and won their bowl game. Just saying. 

  48. Beverly says:

    Memphis has one of the best zoos anywhere.  Did I miss it on this list?  I live in Atlanta now :=(.  Do the still have the Bison range at Shelby Farms?  Is the Pinch District still cool?  Overton Square is reviving!  OMG….now I'm HOMESICK.   Also…..please delete the comment about the U of M football team.  They ain't too shabby these days!

  49. stelienka says:

    I was so glad to find your list of unique places to see in Memphis! We loved the Crystal Shrine Grotto (so unique and so lovely) and Gibson's Donuts. Why can't I have those up North??

  50. maryann F says:

    Where is the best place to stay in Memphis? I want a nice and safe place for my three granddaughters and I to enjoy the best of Memphis. We need a swimming pool too. What should we be sure to see? Which places are interesting for 9 year old girls? I looked at your list, but wondered what we should be sure to include considering their ages. We are going to Graceland and the Sun Records.

  51. Soap Flake says:

    What about Slave Haven, part of the underground railroad?

  52. Soap Flake says:

    Overton Square

  53. Soap Flake says:

    Davies Manor Plantation

  54. Soap Flake says:

    Victorian Village District

  55. Mary June Claton says:

    I moved to Memphis in 1957 and lived there until 1982 It was a wonderful place to live. I lived in Whitehaven and my kids went to Graceland School. My boys graduated Hillcrest and my daughter
    graduated Bishop Byrne. I would like to visit more but am old and in bad health and don’t get there much anymore.

  56. Denise says:

    Do you know of any polish restaurants in Memphis…

  57. nichole white says:

    looking foward to checking some of these places out

  58. nichole white says:

    check this out

  59. […] people that you wouldn’t see in the hallways.” Quesada follows her subjects to places in Memphis that are personally meaningful to them, including Gibson’s Donuts, the Memphis Pyramid and even […]

  60. Daryl Andrews says:

    Walking Pants Curiosities in South Main might be something worth visiting.

  61. Rhonda Ciaramitaro says:

    So happy I saw this site! Great info, and I’m already putting some of these on my to-do list!!!

  62. Rodrigo says:

    Just put on my browser favorites for my next trip to Memphis!!
    Been there for 10 days in 2016 and saw only 11 of 100. Much more to do in this wonderful city.

  63. Christina todd says:

    You left one place of the list ! The best way to see Memphis is on a Segway! It’s awesome just visit segwaymemphis.com! They offer one and two hour tours they take you all over including bass pro and across the bridge! There are also history tours, haunted tours, sunset tours and for the locals they have scavenger hunts! Very knowledgeable guides

  64. Pam C. says:

    I loved this list and would add Lebonheur Children’s Hospital. Lobby art work and displays on each floor are worth a trip to see!

  65. Kim says:

    Gibson’s Donuts should have been #1.

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