14 Ways To Enjoy The Outdoors In Memphis

Posted by Holly Whitfield | October 14th 2019 25085 0

Netflix can wait, ok? Here are thirteen ways to enjoy the outdoors in Memphis. Click on the links for more information. Also, don’t forget sunscreen…

1. Go On A Bike Ride
Memphis has 60+ miles of bike trails and lanes and you can see them all on this map.

bike map

2. Go To The Park
We have loads of neighborhood parks and playgrounds, including this one.

rainbow lake playground

3. Sit On A Patio
It’s basically a religion in Memphis. Here’s a list of 100 patios.


4. Do the Zipline at Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course
If you love heights and obstacle, you’ll love Go Ape at Shelby Farms.

go ape

5. Watch The Sunset In Tom Lee Park
Trust me on this one.


6. Visit Shelby Forest
Meeman Shelby Forest State Park is just a few minutes north of downtown and has plenty to do outdoors. Read more here and do not – I repeat, do not – miss out on the cheeseburger at Shelby Forest General Store.


7. Do The River Fit Course at Tom Lee Park
Somehow, exercising is less annoying when you’re working out in the sun by the Mississippi River.

river fit

8. See The Bison At Shelby Farms
Bison or buffalo? Which is correct? Discuss with your friends after you see them in person at Shelby Farms.


9. Go to a farmer’s market
Memphis and the Mid-South have plenty of outdoor farmers markets; some are seasonal and some are year-round. Check out the guide here.

Photo via CYCFM Facebook.
Photo via CYCFM Facebook.

10. Visit The Dixon or the Memphis Botanic Garden
See what’s in bloom and take advantage of the creative gardens we have in Memphis. Get more info on the Dixon here and the Botanic Gardens here.


11. Take a Mural Tour
I have a handy map of all the I Love Memphis murals right here. Don’t forget to snap a photo and tag it #ilovememphis if you post online.

I Love Memphis Mural

12. Take A South Main Art Tour
South Main has a walking tour collection of art installations, sculptures, and murals. Check out a list of art here.

South Main Mural

13. Walk or bike across the Big River Crossing
Make your way across the Mississippi River for unparalleled views. Get details here.

14. Canoe or Kayak on the Mississippi or the Ghost Rivers

On the Mississippi? What?! Yes, y’all! I know it’s important to have a healthy respect for the Big Muddy, but we have a downright phobia in this town. Put on a life vest and let the pros help you overcome the fear by kayaking the in the inlet by Mud Island River Park; there’s a launch from the River Garden.

Several outfitters will guide you on tours on the Mississippi and the absolutely gorgeous, underrated Wolf River, too. The latter has turned out to be one of my favorite things to do, ever. Read the full guide to kayaking here.

Photo by Alan Spearman

I know there are probably 50 more ideas for enjoying the outdoors in Memphis. Which ones would you add? How many of these have you done?

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  1. […] 6. Visit Shelby Forest Meeman Shelby Forest State Park is just a few minutes north of downtown and has plenty to do outdoors. here and do …read more […]

  2. Hannah says:

    The mounds of Chucalissa also have great trails!

  3. Amy B says:

    Mountain bike around Stanky Creek (Nesbit Park) in Bartlett or Herb Parson lake.

  4. Aaron Shafer says:

    Even though it’s outside of Memphis, I would add taking a canoe/kayak trip down the Ghost River. Our family did the trip this past weekend and it’s one of the best outdoor experiences that our family has had-EVER! And that’s saying a lot, having grown up exploring the beaches and mountains of California and Colorado. It’s an outdoor jewel in our backyards! Check it out, the experience warrants its own write-up.

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