365 Things to Do in Memphis #259: Gonerfest

Posted by Holly Whitfield | September 20th 2019 2385 0

Ed. Note: For 2019, Gonerfest is very close to sold out. Their weekend passes are sold out, presale tickets are sold out, and Friday and Saturday night shows at the Hi-Tone are sold out. As of time of this publication there are limited tickets available at the door for Thursday night and Friday and Saturday afternoons. The opening and closing ceremonies at the CY Gazebo are free and open to the public (and therefore going to be packed out) but you can get in. Be sure to check on the Gonerfest site for the latest info.

Hear the sounds! Smell the smells! Drink the beer! Assignment #259 in the 365 Things to Do in Memphis is to go check out Gonerfest, Memphis’ annual indie, punk and garage rock festival.

In, 2004 the guys that founded Goner Records launched Gonerfest. Every September, they bring several dozen bands from around the world to Memphis for four sweaty days of rock’n’roll.

For 2019, start your Gonerfest right with the opening ceremonies at the Cooper-Young Gazeebo on Thursday, September 26. Between then and Sunday night’s closing party (back at the Gazebo) a few dozen bands will play at the Hi-Tone, Murphy’s, and Memphis Made Brewing. See the full schedule here. 

For Memphians, the festival is a chance to see some of the best garage bands from far away places (like Amsterdam, Ottowa, Tasmania and Tuscon). For the hundreds of out of towners, it’s a rare chance to see some of Memphis’ finest (the River City Tanlines, Oblivians, Monseiur Jeffery Evans, etc.).

Go there:

Gonerfest 16

Sept. 26 – 29
Hi-Tone Cafe / Murphy’s / Memphis Made Brewing / Cooper-Young Gazebo

Originally published 2012. Updated 2019. 

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