2019 Time Warp Drive-In Movies Schedule

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Need one more reason that Memphis is badass? The Time Warp Drive-In.

Not only does Memphis still having a thriving drive-in movie theater, the Malco Summer Drive-In, we also have a monthly all-night movie marathon with cult classics, horror, and all kinds of crazy film. There’s a different theme every month – think all the Back To The Future Movies, all your John Hughes 80s faves, or weird (and I mean WEIRD) art house animation.

The Time Warp Drive-In is one of my favorite things to do in town. It’s completely unique and very Memphis.  Shoutout to Black Lodge Video and Guerilla Monster Films for curating the movie nights and Malco for letting it happen.

More things to know:

  • It’s $10 per person, which includes all the movies for each night.
  • It starts at sundown and goes until whenever the movies are done.
  • Local artist Holtermonster makes awesome posters for the movie nights.
  • Parents need to look up the movies and decide if they want to bring their kids or not.
Here’s the 2019 Memphis Time-Warp Drive In Schedule:

Saturday, February 16
Soul Cinema 6: Nobody Messes 
with Pam Grier! A Tribute To An Icon
Jackie Brown • Coffy
More about February’s night, via the Time Warp Facebook page:
As we do every year in February, in celebration of Black History Month, TIME WARP DRIVE-IN puts the spotlight on the history of African-American movies and filmmakers. This year, join us in honoring an incredible actress who has been performing nonstop for almost half a century, with an evening we call NOBODY MESSES WITH PAM GRIER: A TRIBUTE TO AN ICON.
Starting out in grindhouse flicks and blaxploitation cinema of the 1970’s, she quickly rose to national fame, working with legendary directors John Carpenter, Tim Burton, Larry Cohen, and actor/director Tom Hanks. Perhaps her finest hour came in 1997, when cult director Quentin Tarantino wrote the blaxploitation-homage film JACKIE BROWN specifically for her – many consider it his best film to date, and it was a critical and popular smash.
Now, as director Spike Lee is preparing to do a bio film on her life, let’s go back and visit her finest work. Start the night with Tarantino’s JACKIE BROWN, then return to 1973 and see her breakout hit, the brilliant revenge flick COFFY…
Saturday, March 16
Back To Back To The Future: The Complete Journey
Back To The Future 1, 2 & 3
Saturday April 20
Don’t You Forget About Me: 
The Teen Film Universe Of John Hughes
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off • The Breakfast Club • Weird Science
Saturday May 18
Dreams & Magic Forever: The 1990’s Fantasy Film
Jumanji • Hook • Small Soldiers
Saturday June 22
Strange Vibes: A Mind-melting 
World Of Disturbed Animation
Heavy Metal • A Scanner Darkly • Paprika
Odd Anthology: Weird Animated Short Films
Saturday July 20
Return Of The Worst Movies Ever: 
Studies In Deliciously Awful Cinema
Howard The Duck • Mac And Me • Showgirls
Samurai Cop • They Saved Hitler’s Brain
Saturday August 17
Futurecool: The Campy, Outrageous 
Charm Of The 1980’s Space Operas
Flash Gordon • Star Trek 2: The Wrath
Of Khan • Masters Of The Universe
Saturday September 21
Women In Arms!
Terminator 2 • Tank Girl
Scream • The Violent Years
Saturday October 19
Shocktober 6
Ghostbusters • Little Shop Of Horrors
The Monster Squad • Clue
Saturday November 9
Monsters, Gods, And Mortals:
The Genius Of Fx Master Ray Harryhausen
Clash Of The Titans • Jason & The Argonauts
Saturday December 14
Strange Christmas 6
Elf • Scrooged • Holiday Short Film Meltdown
Go There:
Time Warp Drive-In Movie Nights
5320 Summer Avenue
Memphis, Tenn. 38122
The Drive-In shows “regular” new release movies on weekends, too. See the schedule.

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