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Posted by Holly Whitfield | January 31st 2019 6620 0

Originally published November 2013. Updated January 2019.

Chef Phillip Ashley Rix’s chocolates look like polished jewels, and they’re filled with creative ingredients like key lime, Memphis BBQ sauce, and bleu cheese.


Chef Phillip uses custom molds and cocoa butter in his special technique (read: magic) to get the chocolates to look like they belong in a setting on a gal’s finger. Naturally, the pieces are lined up in rows in jewelry cases.

I sampled the Key West white chocolate with key lime rum, mascarpone, and graham cracker. It was as amazing as you’d expect from gourmet chocolate: moist, smooth, and rich.

Phillip Ashley Chocolates sells individuals pieces by weight or in pre-packaged collections. This chocolate isn’t inexpensive, so think special occasion or gift, not Halloween stash. The staff will wrap, package, and mail it to your very lucky recipient if you’re shipping out of town.



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Phillip Ashley Chocolates
1200 Madison Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee 38104

by appointment only.

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  1. clare campbell says:

    Do they have any gluten free products, including free from cross-contamination?

  2. Holly Whitfield says:

    Clare, I'll ask and report back if I hear something. Thanks!

  3. Holly Whitfield says:

    I asked Chef Rix, and he says that 98% of the chocolates are gluten free. A few, including Black Magic and Great Pumpkin were made with beer, and another uses graham cracker. If a person is extremely sensitive, I would say (just to be safe) that the pieces aren't "totally free from cross-contamination" of gluten, but it seems like you'd be fine as long as you didn't get the ones with beer or a cookie included inside.

    He's a very nice guy, and I'm sure he'd be happy to talk with anyone about their dietary concerns and answer any questions. I added the hours of operation to the post.

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