10 More Unique Places To Eat In Memphis

Posted by Holly Whitfield | September 22nd 2018 10901 0

On this blog, you’ll find hundreds of articles about where to eat in Memphis, and for a very good reason. In this city, we love to eat because we have some of the best food in the world. We have trendy places, holes-in-the-wall, delicious dining hidden in strip malls, and gorgeous white tablecloth eateries. I love them all.

Here are ten unique places to eat in Memphis.

1. Feelin’ Fancy? (Or Just Love Food?) Head to Chez Philippe

I took the sommelier’s suggestion to try the seared Ahi tuna with clams, and I’m so glad I did. The tuna was majestic; it practically melted in my mouth. The clams were flavorful, and the saffron rice was tender and aromatic.” Click here to read the full post.

2. 5 Minute Food Review: Bibimbap Burger from Kwik Chek

“It’s got a little crunch, a little kick, and a lot of flavor. The burger itself wasn’t overwhelmingly huge, but it was plenty big and plenty messy to eat…” Click here to read the full post.

3. Eat This: Stuffed Burgers and Soul Food from Mot & Ed’s 

“My plate of food was definitely more than I thought I could finish, but everything was so good, I couldn’t stop eating. The okra was perfectly crispy, not greasy at all. Ditto on the catfish. And man, those mashed potatoes were out of this world. The thick, rich gravy definitely made them something special.” Click here to read the rest of the article. 

4. Eat Breakfast at the Liquor Store

“Another thing to love about The Liquor Store is that they serve breakfast all day. All. day. That means you can totally sleep in and still get your fill of homemade biscuits with white shiitake gravy, a stack of pancakes, or a classic plate of breakfast classics.” Click here to read the rest of the article. 

5. Barbecue at Arnold’s BBQ Grill Downtown

“Rib ends, also known as rib tips, are a great snack to have in the car, in the fridge, anywhere really. I gotta say, they were mighty fine with the perfect amount of smoke. The meat fell off of the bone. The sweet and tangy sauce was perfect for dipping.” (Even dry, this was a three napkin operation.) Click here to read the rest of the article. 

6. Try Some Colombian Food At Arepas Deliciosas (Guest Post)

arepas deliciosas typical plate

“I’m a huge fan of eggs on non-breakfast food, and the egg on this dish didn’t disappoint. I liked the combination of the fresh avocado, rice, and fried egg – pretty mild, but still tasty…” Click here to read the full post.

7. Friday Lunch Date at Felicia Suzanne’s

Felicia Suzannes eggs martini

“Felicia Suzanne’s restaurant downtown is mostly known for dinner, but the 25-cent martini Friday lunch is a perfect special end-of-week treat…” Click here to read the full post.

8. Banderas & Bloody Marys at Rizzo’s 

“On the left, you have the chicharones, aka fried pork belly – rich, flavorful, and salty, basically bacon on steroids. Then there’s steak, andouille sausage, black-eyed peas, some  grits, a fried egg, and some avocado and a roasted tomato. You can make a lot of different flavor combinations and they were all delicious.” Click here to read the full post.

9. Eat This: Southern Lunch Menu at Capriccio Grill

Capriccio Grill Crawfish mac n cheese

“The fried catfish came with a hushpuppy the size of a small planet, which was delightfully fluffy inside…” Click here to read the full post.

10. Drink All The Beer & Eat All the Cheese at Hammer & Ale

Hammer and Ale cheese plate

The grilled pimento cheese sandwich consisted of toasty bread filled with a generous portion of gooey, tangy, fresh pimento cheese. It came with kettle cooked chips, which were solid, and some kind of tasty dipping sauce…” Click here to read the full post.

Which ones were your favorites? What are your favorite hidden, or not-so-trendy places to have a meal in Memphis?

Updated September 2018

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