365 Things to Do in Memphis #246: Have Lunch at Caritas Village

Posted by Holly Whitfield | September 3rd 2018 3270 0

Assignment #246 in the 365 Things to Do in Memphis is to spend your lunch hour at Caritas Village, Binghampton’s neighborhood cafe / art gallery / community center.

In 2006, founder Onie Johns felt called to move from Germantown to Binghampton to serve the community there. She built out a cozy space in an old Masonic lodge that’s part coffee shop, part art gallery, part meeting hall, and part living room.

After closing for a year or so for renovations, Caritas reopened in September of 2018 under the leadership of Mac Edwards, who serves as Executive Director and Chef for the revamped cafe.

You might remember Edwards as the chef from The Farmer; and if you’ve been missing his cooking, you gotta head over to Caritas for lunch one day. The menu is a mix of his farm-to-table recipes and old school Caritas classics.

There’s a daily soup and a special (on the day I went, it was tender chicken thighs coated with a light but flavorful gravy and roasted vegetables) as well as casual cafe fare – burger, sloppy joe, salads, soups, veggie plate, quesadillas. The proteins, including the eggs, are all grass-fed and sourced from Marmilu Farms in Humbolt, Tennessee.

They’ve easily got the friendliest staff in Memphis, and it seems like one of those places that’s impossible to visit once without becoming a regular. And the best part? Caritas is all about service, and no one who’s hungry is turned away for their inability to pay. Lunch prices are between $6 – $8.50, so those who can afford it should pay it forward with an extra donation.

Lunch is served Mondays through Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Upstairs is a space for events – Caritas can host all kinds of things – theater, music, meetings, retreats, catered meals, etc. Contact Caritas directly for event rental information.

Go There:

Caritas Village

2509 Harvard Avenue
Memphis, TN 38111

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  1. Ragsdale says:

    I seem to remember leaving this same comment before, but I don’t find it posted here.

    First off, Caritas is a wonderful place. I don’t want to detract from anything positive the lady posted.

    Problem is, you can’t exactly follow her directions to arrive at Caritas. Sam Cooper has been “upgraded” to speed traffic along, and it is no longer possible to turn at Merton. Even if you are eastbound.

    To keep it simple, approach from POPLAR Avenue instead. Turn north at Merton, and then follow as instructed.

    If you need to come in Sam Cooper, just turn at Collins St. or Hollywood St. instead. Same from Summer Avenue. Turn south, watch for Harvard Ave., and you will find Caritas Village at Merton St.

    Ohne Johns has retired, but the last time I passed, her car was there, so she’s still helping with the transition, I guess. Retirement effective Jan2017.

  2. Louis Glazer says:

    Thanks for the great recommendation!
    The good news is they’re also open for dinner most nights.
    Check the hours on the Caritas FB page.

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