Cheer For Memphis BBQ Tonight on The Food Network’s Chopped Grill Masters

Posted by Holly Whitfield | August 14th 2018 4037 0

Cheer for Memphis tonight on the Food Network! Or at least, Memphis-style BBQ.

Chopped is a popular Food Network show where chefs are given a random set of ingredients, then asked to prepare expert dishes for a panel of judges. Think bitter melon, Rocky Mountain oysters, and gummy worms…that are all supposed to be together in an entrée.

Tonight (Tuesday, August 14, 2018 at 8 p.m.) Food Network airs another episode of their latest iteration of the show, Chopped Grill Masters, where chefs from four different U.S. regions try to avoid gettin’ chopped while grilling stuff and cooking BBQ. The regions are Kansas City, North Carolina, Texas, and Memphis.

Tonight is the Memphis edition, featuring chefs either from the Memphis area or who cook Memphis-style BBQ. I really don’t know how they’re doing the BBQ/Grill Master version of this – do they have weird ingredients? The infamous Chopped baskets full of eels and pickled pig’s feet?

I guess we’ll have to watch to find out. Plus, we have a couple of locals to root for, so I encourage you to tune in.

The chefs:

– Claire Campbell, Mississippian, member of Ubon’s BBQ team
– Walter Crutchfield, Jr., Memphian, owner of Crutchfield’s BBQ in Memphis
  Melvin “Boots” Johnson, New Yorker, chef at Queens Bully in NYC
– Ernie Mellor, Memphian, owner of A Moveable Feast & Hog Wild Catering in Memphis

Read more about the competitors here.

Good luck to all of these folks, and may the best pitmaster win! We’ll need their help in order for Memphis-style ‘que to beat everybody else in the next rounds of Chopped Grill Masters.

P.S. You may recognize A Moveable Feast & Hog Wild Catering from their impressive spread at the recent Butcher Board Festival (see that here) or from the many, many events they’ve catered over the years.

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