365 Things to Do in Memphis #239: Meet Some Ghosts On A Haunted Tour

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Memphis is not exactly a normal city, and we definitely have some lingering spirits – or at least some creepy ghost stories – so gird your loins and sign up for one of Memphis’ haunted tours, haunted pub crawls, or go on a ghost hunt. Assignment #239 in the 365 Things to Do in Memphis: Meet Some Ghosts On A Haunted Tour.

not creepy at all

There are plenty of options for ghost tours in Memphis.

Historical Haunts offers regular haunted pub crawls downtown where you can drink spirits in local pubs with the spirits, or you can do a walking tour + ghost hunt in South Main. They also host regular ghost tours at the Woodruff Fontaine house and Maley Manor out in Covington, Tennessee. If you’re really into the undead, check out their paranormal investigations.

Woodruff Fontaine House

Backbeat Tours hosts a walking ghost tour, where you can learn more about (and maybe meet!) downtown’s darker legends, including a little girl who lingers in a theater and the eerie patrons of a former brothel.

For something a bit more scholarly, the walking tours at Elmwood Cemetery get you up close to the deceased without the expressed implication that they’re still walking among us. Some of the city’s most famous residents are buried at Elmwood, and the place is beautiful…in a haunting, eerie kind of way.

Elmwood Cemetery. Definitely not the least bit creepy.

Public tours are held on select Saturdays, or you can arrange for a private group tour. Elmwood hosts special events like movie nights and historically-dressed actors throughout the year, especially at Halloween.

If you’re in town for Halloween, be sure to check out one of the notoriously terrifying annual haunted houses – while not always Memphis-centric, they definitely meet the criteria for “haunted”.

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