Treat Yourself, Memphis! It’s National Ice Cream Month

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July really has it going on when it comes to those seemingly arbitrary National Food Days. We’ve already passed National Barbecued Spareribs and National Fried Chicken Day, and we still have National Fortune Cookie Day (July 20) and National Tequila Day (July 24) to go.

I love these random holidays. They’re total gimmicks, but I also think they’re a really fun way to have an excuse to treat yourself.

July also happens to be National Ice Cream Month. Today – National Ice Cream Day – we focus on the latter. Here are seven ways to celebrate this monthlong sweetened dairy holiday, plus more suggestions from your fellow Memphians via Twitter.

Corn ice cream, La Michoacana, Memphis, Tenn.

1. La Michoacana: Corn Ice Cream
While La Michoacana  on Summer serves all of the standard flavors of ice cream, the best things on the menu are the more exotic daily specials. Read more here.


2. Felicia Suzanne’s: Ice Cream Sandwiches
If I had a secret diary of all my favorite desserts, these would be in the top five. They weren’t those rock hard frozen cookies that made you fear cracking a tooth, either. Read more here.

3. The Levee Creamery: Ice Cream With Cookie Dough
This new coffee shop + homemade ice creamery in Collierville offers a fairly basic array of ice cream flavors, but with plenty of ways to enjoy them: in a cone or cup, with espresso in an affogato, in a milkshake with espresso, and or with a side of “cookie dough”. They also have a location on the Highland Strip. Read more here.


4. A. Schwab: Sundaes and Adult Milkshakes
In the soda fountain area on the first floor, you can sit on stools at the long marble countertop and order sodas, milkshakes, phosphates, sundaes, and more. Read more here.

Sweet Noshings via FB

5. Sweet Noshings: Ice Cream
When you walk in Sweet Noshings, you have several options. You can go for the candy jars, the gourmet popcorn, the pre-packaged candy and baked goods, the Ugly Mug coffee or…the ice cream. Read more here. 

Chocolate cherry shake, Sweden Kream, Memphis, Tenn.

6. Sweden Cream: Milkshake
Sweden Cream looks like it’s been open since man first realized that snow cones and burgers are necessary to surviving summer in the South. Read more here.

Wedding cake supreme, Jerry's Snow Cone

7. Jerry’s Sno Cones: Supreme Sno Cones
When you order, ask for your snow cone “supreme” and you’ll get it layered with vanilla soft serve ice cream. It sounds kind of weird, but trust me – the soft serve takes the basic snow cone and transforms it into a local delicacy. Read more here.

Here are several of other suggestions worth checking out, according to Twitter.

@ilovememphis The homemade ice cream at Area 51 in Hernando is really good. My favorite is the Cedar Hill Blackberry Goat Cheese ice cream.

— John Parie (@JohnParie) July 7, 2015


@ilovememphis I’ve had some pretty legit ice cream at @sweet_noshings. They have it custom made by a guy in town, so they tell me.

— Jarrod B. Taylor (@jarrodbtaylor) July 8, 2015



@ilovememphis Velvet Cream is a must!

— V.Jones (@vielkaveronica) July 7, 2015


@vielkaveronica @ilovememphis yes. Everything about velvet cream is so awesome.

— Josh Johnston (@901Josh) July 8, 2015


@ilovememphis Yolo Frozen Yogurt!

— Stephen Moneymaker (@StephenChad) July 7, 2015


@ilovememphis Sheridan’s (custard, but still)

— Chris Milam (@ChrisMilam) July 8, 2015


@ilovememphis I always order the Chris Special (lg concrete with pb + cookie dough). They always pretend to not know what I’m talking about

— Chris Milam (@ChrisMilam) July 8, 2015


@ilovememphis @MemphiSeagrove The Creamery has fantastic gelato. Every week at the CY Farmer’s Market. Have an incredible pb and curry.

— Dabney Ring (@dabneyring) July 8, 2015


@ilovememphis @avenuecoffee has a summer selection of locally made ice cream High quality.

— Joel Hamill (@goatfingers) July 8, 2015


@ilovememphis A. Schwab’s soda fountain has @_SweetMagnolia_‘s awesome ice cream. And liquor. And they will combine them for you.

— Andria K. Brown (@andriakbrown) July 7, 2015

What did we leave off the list? What are your favorite flavors to order at these spots? Let me know in the comments.



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  1. Jack Ryan says:

    Mama D;s @ 305 New Byhalia Road in Colliervile has a great selection of Italian Ice & Frozen Pops.  Check it out here.   

    It's awesome !!






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