Heads Up: Memphis Flyer Burger Week Is Happening Right Now

Posted by Holly Whitfield | July 11th 2018 2200 0

The Memphis Flyer Burger Week is happening right now. So run, scoot, or ride this very minute to one of the 24 restaurants around town offering burger specials for $5.99 through July 17, 2018.

What exactly is the Memphis Flyer Burger Week?

The Memphis Flyer Burger Week is when you can get burgers at local restaurants for cheaper than usual, $5.99 to be exact. Also, the Flyer’s current issue is all about local chefs and their favorite local burgers, so pick that up.

Participating eateries include a bunch of the Huey’s and Tops locations, Slider, Bardog, Farmburger, LBOE, and Memphis Mojo Cafe. A few of my personal favorites – Flying Saucer downtown and Wimpy’s – are on the list, too.

You can find the whole list, including addresses and burger details here.

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