Happy National Hot Dog Day! Here’s Where to Celebrate

Posted by Holly Whitfield | July 17th 2018 3853 0

Happy National Hot Dog Day! If you’re looking for dogs in Memphis, here’s a list! Got some to add? Leave ’em in the comments.

– Elwood’s Shack on Summer Avenue has the best hot dog I’ve had probably in my life. The BBQ Slaw Dog is an all-beef hot dog topped with slightly spicy slaw made of purple cabbage, jalapeños, and blue cheese. Yes. Blue cheese. That’s it pictured above in all its glory.

– Hog and Hominy has a beef and cheddar dog (on a pretzel bun!) on both their lunch and dinner menus.

– Bardog Tavern has a daily hot dog special. Sometimes they Tweet about it, but otherwise you’ll find it on the chalkboard in the bar, which I think has underrated food.

Memphis Dawgs is a hot dog cart that serves Nathan’s dog with different toppings. The menu varies, but he usually has a Memphis Dawg with slaw and honey BBQ sauce in addition to a New York with sauerkraut, onions, and celery salt…plus more. Check out this location via their Facebook page.

– Lunchbox Eats has the Principal’s Office Link, which is a hot sausage topped with fried eggs, lettuce, tomatoes and sauce, wrapped in a grilled cheese sandwich. Just think about that for a second.

– In delicious heart attack news, the Dirty Crow Inn has a limited-time special this week (July 17 – 22) with a bacon-wrapped Nathan’s hot dog, deep fried and covered in Pancho’s and bacon bits. See your demise below:

Where are you celebrating? Know of any other hot dog specials? Add them in the comments.

Author: Holly Whitfield

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  1. Mike says:

    My wife and I are moving to Memphis in a few short weeks.  It's too bad we wont be able to hit these up on National Hot Dog day, but I can't wait to try them out when we get there…especially Elwood's Shack.  That sounds incredible!

  2. jan says:

    One of the Best Hot Dogs in Memphis is Jack Pirtles. Just like Tops Burgers are great so is the hot dog at Pirtles. . You can order as is or anyway you like them.


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