Best Meat, Cheese, and Charcuterie Plates In Memphis

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It’s time to talk about one of my favorite things: meat and cheese boards! When I say meat and cheese “boards” I’m talking about charcuterie plates, butcher’s platters, cheese trays, cured meat boards: whatever you want to call them. Some are just meat; some are just cheese. Some have both, plus a myriad other snacks on them. I love all the variations.

P.S. The display at the top of this post was created by the fine folks from Hog Wild + A Moveable Feast Catering for the 2018 Butcher Block Festival. They really knocked it out of the park! Give them a call if you’re looking for some catered charcuterie.

People go crazy for charcuterie because we like to try different flavors, to mix and match tastes that create the perfect bite. Usually there are other bits of gnoshings on these cheese boards, too, which is secretly my favorite part. All manner of jams, mustards, pickled veggies, fruit, pâtés, candied nuts, a deviled egg or two, maybe a dab of pimento cheese…just bring it all to me.

I know Memphis is into meat and cheese boards as much as I am, so I decided it was time for a roundup. When I asked Memphis Twitter about the best Memphis charcuterie, cheese boards, meat platters, etc., y’all did not disappoint.

Here are some of our suggestions.

This photo and the one above courtesy of Leah Gafni.

I’ll include some ballpark prices, but keep in mind that prices and menus change oh-so-frequently. This isn’t a post about cheap eats, as charcuterie is usually more of a treat-yourself situation. I would love to hear about your favorite cheap dishes in town, too.

Sweet Grass in Cooper Young has a couple of options for dinner: a charcuterie plate that’s just the meat and fixin’s and a cheese plate that’s just cheese with fixin’s. Or you can have it all on the Butcher’s Platter. The platter is substantial, might even serve as a light meal for two, because it has so many other things on it – pickled veggies, deviled eggs – though that may depend on your definition of “light”.  The platter is also available during Sunday brunch and for dinner at Sweet Grass Next Door. It’s about $15 for the meat or the cheese, about $30 for both.

Flight downtown has a charcuterie plate with sausages, a couple of cheeses, fruit, and pickles available on their dinner menu ($22). Everything Flight does is delicious, so I’m sure this is no exception. Their sister restaurant in Germantown, Southern Social, offers a charcuterie plate as well.

Belle Tavern in Barbaro Alley downtown offers a Butcher’s Platter with cured meats and cheese that I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about and is #1 on my list to try.  

ECCO on Overton Park has a couple of plates on their menu – one with homemade sausage, one with imported cheese and fruit, and another antipasto plate with cured meats and olives and such. Prices vary $10 – $18 depending on which one you get.

Alchemy’s awesome happy hour lets you enjoy their charcuterie plate for less. I’ve ordered this many times, and it’s usually quite simple – and I mean that in a good way – a few sausages and your hard, soft, and funky cheeses – with a few accoutrements. It’s about $18, regular price. Happy hour is 50% off select items, from 4 p.m. – 6 p.m.

River Oaks in East Memphis has a charcuterie platter with prosciutto and lots of veggies ($19) plus a three-cheese tasting plate ($14). That sounds like it would go beautifully with a watermelon and tomato salad I ate years ago and still think about, and there’s still a version of it on the menu!

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Bari in Overton Square has a legendary cheese selection; in fact, eating all the cheese at Bari is on the list of 365 Things To Do In Memphis. Their meat and cheese “plate” is a la carte, so you can pick how many cheeses, cured meats, or antipasto items you want. Bari usually has 3 for $12, 5 for $18 (or whatever) style pricing and limited edition cheeses on the chalkboard in the bar. As someone pointed out on Twitter, the servers and bartenders there are great at helping you choose from all those options.

South of Beale downtown keeps it low-key with a casual cheese platter on their starter plates menu. It’s got three cheeses and some accompaniments, about $11. I’d pair it with a side order of their crispy Brussels Sprouts and a craft cocktail.

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Strano by Chef Josh in East Memphis has one of my favorite brunches in town. They’ve got a $20 cheese or meat platter you can begin your meal with, or for a few bucks more, do both meat and cheese.

Catherine & Mary’s / Andrew Michael Of course these Andrew Ticer + Michael Hudman eateries know how to put together a charcuterie plate. Let me not wax poetic about it, just know that each restaurant offers a variety of cured meats and imported cheeses. At Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen, you can order each meat, cheese, or veggie individually (about $14 each) or a selection of all three for about $36. At C&M, choose from a cheese or house cured meat situation.

We love all things cheese.

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The Vault on GE Patterson makes their own charcuterie meats in-house, and offer a Butcher Board for $15 with meats and cheeses.


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Loflin Yard downtown has a simple sausage and cheese platter that I’ve heard great things about, which comes with a tomato salad and tapenade for something different.


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Knifebird in Cooper Young next to Urban Outfitters offers a small but carefully curated food menu to go with their extensive wine list. Try a new vino paired with their meat ‘n’ cheese board. They’ll guide you through the wine offerings and even give you a taste test. They also have a full bar and a small craft cocktail menu.

Several more thoughts…

There are other spots in town to do grab-n-go or make your own charcuterie plates, especially for the house cured meats. Try out City Market inside Crosstown Concourse, or something from City Block Salumeria, which is open inside the Puck Food Hall at 409 S. Main.

If your nearest Kroger has a Murray’s Cheese Shop inside, well, there’s no shame in grabbing some cheese from their $5 bins in a pinch. Just do not ever get the Morbier. Or if you do, DO NOT smell it.

I miss the picnic basket from Greencork. That was fun.

And hell, there’s nothing wrong with your wonderfully basic BBQ sausage and cheese plate you can get at pretty much any barbecue restaurant. They usually come with cheddar and probably pepper jack, sausage with BBQ rub or sauce, maybe a pickle or a pepperoncini and packets of saltines.

What should I add? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Dean Jones says:

    You missed my favorite though I haven’t tried many of the places you named. It’s at Southern social. It has a ton of stuff on it; meats, cheeses, crackers, veggies and it’s all wonderful. And the kicker is it’s only about $18. You definitely get your moneys worth. My wife and I like to get a couple of cups of the she crab soup that’s also fabulous and just make a meal out of it with some bread knots that they have that are great.

  2. Maureen says:

    The Ploughman Plate at Long Road Cider Co. in Barretville is a great way to start your meal or have as your meal. Different cheese and meats served with olives, mixed nuts, and warm baguette. Pairs nicely with any of the hard ciders on tap.

  3. Daniela says:

    Great roundup!! I too miss Greencork for a relaxing night out with the girls and the tasty food. Going to try the charcuterie plates at a few of these places for sure!

  4. Renaissance Farms says:

    So pleased you included The Grove Grill. We are proud to supply them with their Tamworth and Mangalitsa Pork. Looking forward to trying all the restaurants on your list.

  5. Ian Jones says:

    Majestic Grille cheese and sausage platter is great and at a good price.

  6. Butcher Board Festival says:

    Thanks for the post!! Vault and Rizzos have amazing boards too

  7. Aaron Winters says:

    The Vault on GE Patterson has a great butcher board on the menu every day. House made Charcuterie, and pickles, along with assorted cheeses.

  8. Brad McCarley says:

    The meats on the boards at Alchemy, Andrew Michael, Belle Tavern, and Catherine & Mary’s are all made locally by City Block Salumeria.

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