365 Things to Do in Memphis #158: Splash Around at Peabody Park

Posted by Holly Whitfield | June 6th 2018 6465 0

Running through the splash park at Peabody Park is sort of like playing in a field of the best sprinklers ever. Assignment #158 in the 365 Things to Do in Memphis is to put on your suit, grab a towel and cool off.

Splash Park, Peabody Park, Memphis, Tenn.

I love Peabody Park. It’s smaller and less crowded than nearby Overton Park, and it’s got a few cool unique features. There’s a playground, a small field, two pavillions, sculptures by local metalsmith Yvonne Bobo and – best of all – there’s a splash park.

It’s not very big – maybe 50 yards long – but it’s got plenty of space to get wet. There are fire hyrdrants that constantly mist, a rain tower, tall metal tubes that randomly spray water and small geysers that shoot out of the playground’s soft rubber floor.

The splash park is free and open to everyone, but it’s primarily a place for little kids (though occasionally, you’ll see an adult – like me – leading a reluctant 3 year-old into the spray).

Peabody Splash Park, Memphis, Tenn.

The park opens on the fourth Saturday in May and closes on the second Monday in September. Pack a towel and a snack before you go.

Go There:

Peabody Park / Raymond Skinner Center
712 Tanglewood
Memphis, 38103

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  1. Donna D. says:

    Love this park and really live that it’s free!

  2. Lauralei McAuliffe says:

    Peabody Park is awesome. Highly recommend! Highly! (especially for grandparents on a budget spending the day with their grandchildren).

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