365 Things to Do in Memphis #152: See Memphis from the Roof

Posted by Holly Whitfield | June 1st 2018 11305 0

Like most big cities, Memphis has an impressive downtown skyline. But we’ve also got sweeping river views, big sunsets and way more trees than you’d think from the ground (seriously, look east from downtown – the whole city seems green). Assignment #152 in the 365 Things to Do in Memphis is to take a look at Memphis from above.

Here are some of my favorite rooftop views of the city:

1. The Peabody Hotel’s roof is a classic – it’s big, the views are great, and they throw big parties up there on Thursday nights. It’s also the only roof in the city that has a giant penthouse built for ducks. It’s a favorite with tourists and locals looking for a good view.

2. Beale St. Landing‘s grass-covered, sloped roof is a great picnic spot (and place to watch incoming riverboat and river barge traffic).

Beale Street Landing opens 2

3. Clark Tower (the tallest building in East Memphis) doesn’t have a public rooftop, but they do have the Tower Room, a bar on the 33rd floor where you can see most of the city (including the downtown skyline) through big arched windows.

Tower Room view, Memphis, Tenn.

4. If you’re lucky enough to make it to an event at Emerge Memphis, check out their roof deck on the fifth floor – it’s tiny, but it’s got a unique view of downtown from the south.

Emerge Memphis, Memphis, Tenn.

5. While it’s not technically a roof (do pyramids have roofs?) the view from the two observation decks at the Bass Pro Pyramid are worth the $10 per person elevator trip up to the top. Plus, once you’re up there you can have a drink at the bar, which surrounds a big aquarium.


6. Old Dominick Distillery downtown is where you can tour a renovated historic warehouse that now produces vodka (and in the future, whiskey and bourbon) and/or have drinks at their rooftop bar.

Looking northwest from Old Dominick’s rooftop.

7. The View is the rooftop bar at The Residence Inn downtown on Monroe. They have a great view of the Mississippi River, lovely plants and seating, and a drink menu. The only catch is that they’re just open on select evenings, often Thursdays and weekends.

Photo provided by The Residence Inn

8. Lastly, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever get up there (very, very few people have so it kind of doesn’t count), but the view from FedExFourm’s bowl-shaped roof is pretty cool.

FedExForum Roof, Memphis, Tenn.

Ed. Note – Yes, the Madison hotel has a rooftop, but it’s closed now. It might reopen in the future, and I’ll update this post.

Where’s your favorite Memphis rooftop?

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  1. Antonico Thomas says:

    I love the Madison, and the Peabody.

  2. Rachel says:

    The view of downtown Memphis from the Sears Tower rooftop is the best in Memphis. 

  3. Joshua says:

    While not a rooftop, the view from the library on the top floor of the downtown federal building is the best in Memphis. If you are visiting either Rep. Cohen or Sen Alexander's Memphis office take the short ride up the elevator and check it out. You will need an ID and must go during normal hours.

  4. Christie says:

    Can you get on the Madison rooftop anytime or do you need a hotel key (I was wanting to go Saturday night)

  5. Jai Myers says:

    Checked out Twilight Sky Terrace, the new rooftop lounge atop the Madison Hotel … it's spectacular!! This rooftop has some of the best views of Memphis and its a great atmosphere – not to mention their handcrafted cocktails.  

    My new top favorite thing to do in Memphis – Twilight Sky Terrace !!!

  6. Loren says:

    Which hotel rooftop is open for sunRISE? I want to see the view in the AM and most of the reviews say the Residence Inn rooftop, Peabody, & Twilight Terrace @ Madison Hotel is only open in the late afternoons and evenings… Can the public access any of these hotel rooftops for sunrise? If so, how? Thanks!

    • Holly Whitfield says:

      You could call the hotels and see if they would allow you sunrise access. None of them that I know of are advertised as being open to the public during those hours. The Madison rooftop is totally closed for now.

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